Elderly At High Risk for HIV/AIDS


It appears that 65 is the new 45.  The senior citizens out there messin’ with that “Niagara” as they call it, are not only using the impotence drugs for one partner, but for several.   But, unfortunately, the elderly community isn’t tracked for the diseases due to obvious reasons…who figures their grandparents are still getting their freak on and picking up sexually transmitted diseases to boot. 

The researchers in a recent World Health Organization report said that elders are more likely to take part in unprotected sex…again for obvious reasons.   Who over 65 really believes they have pregnancy or STD’s to worry about?  They’re not exactly picking up their partners in the club…but, maybe they are.   But the lack of checking and tracking older people for STD’s may be the result of 11% of the new HIV cases being in people over the age of 50.

Read here and pray that medical professionals stop underestimating the “grown and sexy” and actually save their lives.  Because whether Big Mama is getting her freak on or not, our families definitely need her around.

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  1. I dont know if I am ready to be on the same page. On one hand, I totally disagree with your statements and on the other I somewhat smell what your steppin in. Is there something else you would like to give to us?

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