Ohio Mom Busted For Breastfeeding and Talking On Cell … While Driving

Genine Compton
Genine Compton

Now we know women are multi-taskers and can do most anything they set their minds too, but damn.  Some people take the Army’s mantra “Be all you can be” too far.  Why on Earth would someone find it so important to breastfeed their child WHILE they were driving?  Unless she hadn’t fed the baby in a couple days, that could’ve waited.

And speaking of what could’ve waited, a cell phone call DURING the breastfeeding and the driving?  Come on, lady!   There’s no doctor out there for this state of mind.  Your cheese has slid completely off the cracker when you are arrested for this thing and then on top of that, you feel so justified that you say you may do it again?  Now that was a paraphrase, so we’re hoping that she didn’t really say nor mean that.

But, she may have meant it seeing that she only received a ticket.  When we heard the story, we assumed that she’d be arrested on site.  Do you think that her penalty was too lenient?  Read here for the full story. Or watch this video report:

6 thoughts on “Ohio Mom Busted For Breastfeeding and Talking On Cell … While Driving”

  1. She deserves it. She should have used common sense and pulled over. Her rationale for driving, breastfeeding and talking on the phone is baloney!!

  2. OMG! She so deserves that ticket (and more)!! One question? Why couldn’t she pull over? Not only did she put her child in danger (her child in supposed to be in a car seat), she endangered herself as well as the other drivers on the road! To “top things off”, she displayed such ignorance during the television interview!! This is utterly unbelievable!! I wonder what would have been her response if she was involved in an automobile accident while the “multi-tasking” took place…?? That child seems out of control…already!! Second question…Does that family need a visit from “Super Nanny?”

  3. I know what she means. I have actually breastfed my son in the front seat, while my husband drove but the officer that stopped us didn’t give us a ticket. Thank God for that. When babies are fussy you have to do what you have to do. But I feel she should have been in the back sit with the baby, breastfeeding her. Then she would have had access to put the child back in her child safety seat. All but while someone else is driving the car. As for the ticket, it is what it is.

  4. My question is “was she actually on the phone or an earpiece?” How could she drive with both hands being occupied. The report I heard on my local news was since they did’nt see her on the phone, she got a ticket (the po po went to her home) for not restraining the baby.

  5. She should get more than a slap on the wrist! She needs her license suspended for a year, so she can take the bus thereby assuring more safety on the roads for other drivers and herself. How can she defend such irresponsibility? If she has FIVE children then she is used to hearing them cry. Is it really better to avoid a baby’s cry or kill someone, the baby or an innocent by stander? Come on Lady. Get a grip!!

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