Morris Brown Closes One of Its Doors

morris-brownIt is so horrible to hear that Morris Brown College has hit rock bottom.  The school’s been on life support for some time now and it’s heart wrenching to watch the organs of such an integral part of the body of historically black colleges and universities (HBCU’s) shut down one by one.

Brown’s Frederick D. Jordan Hall was foreclosed on yesterday and sold at a measly $900,000. Investors bought the building at $13.1 million in 1996.  The building once housed the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration program.  Now it’s locked and awaiting it’s next phase with the new owners.

Morris Brown, in the history of the school opened in 1885, it is “the first educational institution in Georgia under sole African American patronage.”  The school opened on October 15 that year with 107 students and now it has 200.  We know this diamond in the rough can come back and reclaim its place in HBCU history with all of our help.  Alumni please speak out and let us know what we can do.  Can someone get Tom Joyner on the case?

2 thoughts on “Morris Brown Closes One of Its Doors”

  1. My understanding is that Tom Jonyer initially offered to purchase the school several years ago but the haughty, arrogant attitude of the leadership of the college rejected his offer. THis is the classic case of the failure to change!

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