Digital TV Signals Bypass the Poor

antenna_fullThe official change to the digital signal was moved from February to June.  The reasoning was that everyone couldn’t get a voucher in time, but there’s still going to be many left out no matter what.  The area, skid row, in L.A. is experiencing problems getting the vouchers or antennas because they don’t live in traditional homes as the census defines them.

There may be no call to action for those in senior citizen homes, group homes, and, it may seem unusual, but the homeless.  There are many people who will be out of television simply because of where they live.  If the census bureau definition of a household is not fulfilled and you’re not recognized  by the feds, you might want to start building a book collection now…which really isn’t a bad idea.

Read here to see how soon you might need to go get a library card.

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