Celebrities Are Humans First — Perfect People Second


The way we worship celebrities in America is rather interesting. We don’t worship them for the good deeds they do with their fame, sometimes our worship of them (women especially) is merely because of their well-manufactured physical perfection. When a celebrity decides to change their look to their own liking, the public goes crazy.

Bloggers have been buzzing on a set of photos showing singer Christina Milian sporting blonde hair at a basketball game a couple of days ago. Apparently because she put her hair in this color, she has fallen off. I doubt that. Doing a simple Google Image search, you can find several other photos of Milian sporting the same color hair.

Where were the blog postings during the other times she sported it?

I thought alot of Christopher Reeve when he was Superman. I got angry when he became paralyzed because I thought of him only as  a towering man of steel that couldn’t be hurt. As time went on, I began to accept that there was more to Reeve than his time as a man in tights.

To parapharse India.Arie, later, I saw beyond the suit and cape.  I saw Christopher Reeve as a man of strength, courage and wisdom. There were days in his post-paralyzation where he probably didn’t feel that way. There were times he probably felt that he should have died in the accident. Paralyzed or not, he continued on with his life and became even bigger as a man than as Superman.

The thing to remember, the thing to never forget, is that most people remember a real person over an Academy Award anyday. Christina Milian, comedian Adele Givens and even actress Rachel True demonstrate this to a certain degree on their MySpace video and blogs. Their personality and realness, comes before their celebrity.

Real always eliminates fake.


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  1. Personally, I don’t infatuated with these celebs. They don’t make any deposits into my account. I’m not one of those commenters who gonna get my “pressure” up because of what some celeb did, said or supposed to have said, wore, screwed, etc. I’m not one to say a lot of slick talk about celebs because I’m behind a computer/phone, carrying on about stuff I don’t know or don’t care too much about. When I see the latest news about some crazy mess & a celeb, I’ll trip then I keep it moving. Speaking of Adele Givens, I never expect her to be anything less than real. A real cool sista.

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