Airline Contemplating Charging for Bathroom Use


The airlines are bad off these days.  The recession has hit them so hard that there’s very few things you can get on an airplane anymore.  They’re charging to put your luggage on, give you drinks, now an airline may charge us to go to the bathroom.

The charge being reported would be in the ballpark of $1.40.  Now, does that $1.40 last you the entire trip or do you have to pay each and every time you go, is our question.  The correct change might be the difference between you and an embarrassing moment.  You’re going to have to get all the details ironed out before boarding.  But the real question is, why isn’t all these new charges resulting in cheaper airfares for us?  Surely, that question won’t be answered anytime soon.

Read here to see what airline you may want to avoid.

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