Slumdog Child Star Smacked And Kicked


The movie, “Slumdog Millionaire,” that won eight Oscars and plenty of critical acclaim has been brought back down to earth with one smack.  The little guy in the movie was plucked from a slum in his hometown of Mumbai to be in the film.  He enjoyed the red carpet and being in the movie, but he is also still a child.

He was sleepy when asked to be interviewed and then slapped for not granting the interview.  He had to endure an 18-hour flight home and simply wanted to lay down.  His father saw his son’s career and wanted him to take him out of the cardboard selling business he uses to make ends meet.  He was so scared that the life he saw before him and his son would somehow be wiped out if he didn’t grant this one interview.

The way they live is unimaginable in our way of thinking of poverty.  So far, the only thing reported was that him and his co-star (Ms. Rubina Ali) are receiving trust funds and a weekly stipend.  Read here to see how they live.

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