Obama Attends Tavis’ State Of The Black Union … Via Satellite

Tavis Smiley
Tavis Smiley

President Obama was unable to physically attend the State of the Black Union conference again this year, but he sent a video to address the issues of the African American community and, with his same eloquence and confidence, let us know that …we are in trouble.

The President said in no uncertain terms:  “You know that tough times for America often mean tougher times for African-Americans,” Obama said. “This recession has been no exception. The unemployment rate among black Americans is a full five points higher than the rate among Americans as a whole.”

Then he went into his part of the speech that rallies us together and reminds us that we are in this together.  We have to save America for ourselves.  He also boasted a bit about his progress since he’s been in office…which he should!

Tavis Smiley gave the Obama camp a really hard time about the 2008 convention that President Obama could not attend.  He even exited the Tom Joyner morning show, it seems, right after being quite critical of the Obama administration.  The one thing we can be proud of in Obama is that he puts it out there for us to look at and work on.  And whether Tavis believes in President Obama’s progress or  not, he used his invite to his advantage and told it like it really is.  See how it is here.

5 thoughts on “Obama Attends Tavis’ State Of The Black Union … Via Satellite”

  1. Hopefully Tavis can get over his obviously personal hang-ups with Pres. Obama. I believe it actually affected Tavis’ “popularity” among his peers and fellow African-American pontificators (for lack of a better term like “leaders”)
    Where as I agree with the notion to hold the President accountable, Tavis seems to take it a bit further with his outcry. Is he finally starting to get it? Is he finally realizing what we’ve felt all along? BARACK OBAMA IS THE RIGHT MAN FOR THE JOB!

  2. What in the hell does Tavis want from this man? The entire progran was a referendum on the Obama election and presidency! Tavis’s questions during his panel were scattered, somewhat repetitive and nonsensical! How many ways can you ask “how do we hold Obama accountable?” and how many times did he hold up his new book “Accountable!” This is an important time in African American life and history. His entire format could have been more reflective on the process of this election (cuz this ain’t the only election we should be participating in), and what are our agenda items for the new prez! not how do we hold him accountable! accountable for what! Where is the outline of what we want from Obama? Now there are various groups (CBC, urban league, naacp) that have developed agenda for the president. Where was the discussion on that?

    I’m kinda thru with Tavis and his ego. The time is too important and urgent to hold an Obama Accountablity party when Tavis’s corner has not helped to dellinate what the community’s wants are in the 1st place! Get with it Tavis!

  3. I have been trying to give Tavis the benefit of the doubt ever since the flare up as a result of President Obama choosing not to attend the 2008 State of the Black Union confab. However he has consistently, since then, been engaged in an ongoing and relentless pursuit, in my opinion of course, to try and justify his reaction in an obvious attempt to make it appear that it is not personal. I agree that we should hold Obama accountable, as we should anyone who holds that office. I also agree that we should not give President Obama a pass because he is African American. But I don’t see what purpose it serves to, at every possible turn, beat the drum of “let’s hold Obama accountable”. Unless of course it is meant to sell books and if that’s the case so be it! I love Tavis Smiley and what he brings to the discourse on what we as a people and as a nation should aspire to be in the name of justice and fairplay for everyone. I do think however, he needs to get off his high horse on this one. Fortunately I don’t think Barack Obama is worrying too much about how what he is doing, and trying to do, to turn this nation around is being received personally by Tavis. If his policies are successful it won’t be because of his concern abount being held accountable it will be because he is who the majority of Americans voted for. A man who happens to be African American and who wants to chart a new course for all Americans (particularly those that were ignored over the last two presidential terms). This new direction and the policies that will define it will undoubtedly and positively impact our community. If you don’t think so just think about the level of angst (to put it mildly) among those that have, and those that represent the haves, caused by the possibility that the have nots (which include a significant part of our community) will begin to have access to a larger share of this nations resources. It is and always will be about access to resources. I believe Obama gets it. We need Tavis to continue to do what he does but I hope he can do so without making it seem personal.

  4. Tavis has a right to question our political leaders whether they are Senators, Congressmen, Congresswomen, or Presidents.

    Tavis knows the importance of holding all “Politicians” accountable for what they tell us on the stump compared to what they do while in office. We are praying for our President Barack Obama, but we too must hold him accountable for the issues he used in the primary to get elected.

    One issue that has not been mentioned too much in the first 31 days of Obama’s Presidency is “poverty”. We have a national crisis in America in the area of poverty. So many of our families are living in dire conditions all across America. I wish that our President would focus on the extremely poor and offer them some hope for tomorrow.

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