First All African American Female Flight Crew

It appears that one of the ladies of this very important part of groundbreaking Black history has sent pictures around the Internet so we could be aware of this momentous conclusion to Black History month with their advancement in aviation history.  These ladies are taking care of business in the friendly skies and they serve as a powerful image for our young women to see.  The various office jobs are no longer the only jobs that women hold.  They are everywhere in every facet of the progress of America and the world.  Check them out and give them a round of applause:

Also check out Atlanta’s 11 Alive’s video report with interviews with the ladies here.

38 thoughts on “First All African American Female Flight Crew”

  1. Why does this put a HUGE smile on my face? Maybe because the last time I traveled I thought…boy is this a position that is dominated by white males. To finally see a female pilot and black! Yes!

  2. Hey SW, love ur comment!!! This is another moment in history, maybe not a “big” as Obama, but definitely history!!

  3. PHENOMENAL WOMEN breaking “The Glass Ceiling,”….this is what success looks like!!! I have a daughter in the U.S. Air Force; Continue to soar high ladies. God Bless:)))

  4. Go on my sistas? Makes me even more proud to be a black woman.

    Quint – you are the worst of what this country has to offer.

  5. Good story. Caught the last bit of interview on CNN. It’s said that some people refuse to give African Americans especially females their props. Some people will never change if it meant their life would be taken. Keep on sistas.

  6. Just saw the interview of the flight crew on CNN; it’s valid, they are the first all black female flight crew. Such a wonderful thing to see happening in the month of February, Black History Month. They look young too, so you know they have inspired many young girls to grow up and know that only the sky is the limit to do great things, or should I say outer space? (o;

  7. To Quintishanarere: You need to change your screen name to “I-wish-it-was-me”

  8. Great story!!! Glad to know my granddaughter can see she can be or do anything.

    To Quint: you probably did not have the money for a ticket anyway.

  9. What a wonderful thing! I am showing my 6 year old this on the computer now. I love you, cuz.

  10. Awesome!!! To God be the glory! I am SO proud of my sistas. First our president and now these four blessed young ladies. We truly CAN be whatever we set our minds to be! You GO ladies!!!

    Quint: Be careful of what’s in your heart. It might be the end of you.

  11. Congradulations ladies, especially Captain Jones & FO Brown-Grant. I can only imagine what those “other folks” tried to accomplish to do, in seeing the sistas fail. You know those “other folks” think that all of US black women are good for is being a video ho or sliding down some pole before poppin’ it. Good thing most of us, including those ladies above, don’t give a F**K about what “they” think & keep it moving!!

  12. Congratulations to all the phenomenal women involved in this world renowned flight. I’m especially proud of FO Stephanie Brown-Grant. We were in the same graduating at Sumter High School, a few tender years ago. I won’t reveal the year. Anyway, it’s also refreshing to witness this news…since she is from such a small town like Sumter, where many fall by the waist side. Stephanie, to whom much is given much, is required. I’m sure there will be many young sista’s that will be looking up to you from this moment on. Good luck in your future endeavors.
    Cassandra Williams

  13. I am so proud and happy. I have been sending this to several African-American females to show them how far God has brought us–and will continue to do so.

  14. Wow!!! Now that is truly a Black History momment and on the last day of Black History Month. This is awesome. I will send this to all my friends and family.

  15. I’m so happy for the whole crew. This is a wonderful thing to see. When u put your mind to it, anything can be accomplish. Congrats cuz and the whole crew.

  16. Quintishanarere: Your “Nabisco” A$$ can’t afford to leave the trailer-trash camp, besides inbred’s must be escorted by Sky Marshals with restraints. Everyone knows you’re mentally deficient, anytime a trip to the outhouse is considered a vacation! Too bad the septic tank man found and rescued your putrid embryonic mishap from the dung reservoir after she jettisoned you during false labor while her skunk A ** was passing gas! Be advised, at your age, you need to leave her alone, incest is illegal!

  17. I am a Flight Attendant for ASA and I am very proud of my co-workers. I know both Flight Attendants personally, Good job to all the ladies. And to Earl this is real.

  18. These four ladies make my life complete. Wonderful too see this happen in this month at this time. God is good all the time, may this be a lesson to all. The sky is the limit! Keep On Pushing!!!!

  19. Long overdue..does anyone remember BESSIE SMITH? She led the way for these exceptional young women. In order for Bessie to take flying lessons,owing to racism and people like Quint and Dave,Bessie travelled to Germany learned to speak German and fulfilled her quest to become a pilot….Fly on young women, you done ALL WOMEN OF AFRICAN ORIGINS PROUD!!!!!

  20. I’m a citizen from Suriname,located in South- America and I’m very proud of you all.I’m everyday on internet, searching for information at googles website ,when I found this information.Be a rollmodel for other sisters, so they can overcome their fear.

  21. We at the BTR airport wish yall all the success in the world, hopeful you all will visit our airport….. Airport Director Baton Rouge La. airport…..

  22. Congratulations to you all. I am so proud of you and your accomplishment. You make us all proud to be Black. From one proud Black Man to a well deserving group of intelligent, beautiful and accomplished Black Women;

    I Love you. Continue your wonderful journey through this life inspiring young Black women and men. This is truly an affirmation that this is “Our Day”. The Bottom Rail has come to the TOP!! Peace

  23. LOL , i am a blk female pilot , and its remarkable that when people find out im flying the plane , they seem to think its a bigger deal that a woman is flying it , but dont seem to think that the fact that im blk is in the least bit unsuall. Go figure . For the ladies , You can do it too if you want to . We need more ladies up here .

  24. One more thing . I have never flown with another woman , and really wish i could just have been on the plane . I also made Capt last year , and read somewhere that there are only 10 of us .

  25. History moment ladies! I graduated from The Ohio State Univ with a degree in Aviation and wanted to continue on with flying but was kind of discouraged because i was the only black female in the group. Continue to set examples for more ladies!

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  27. As a white woman who is so envious of you ladies. To have achieved so much at such a young age is fabulous. I’m really proud of you all. Would not mind flying with you. It is way past the time when race should be a consideration .

    Ability is first and foremost, and all with the ability be allowed to follow their dreams!

    You go LADIES, Fly them High and FREE!

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