California Mayor Passing White House Watermelon Patch Jokes

Dean Grose
Dean Grose

The Mayor of Los Alamitos, Ca.,  in Orange county obviously didn’t get the memo about what has been going on with the racist jokes being circulated regarding the President of the U.S.   The Mayor sent an e-mail to a black woman who is a volunteer and business owner in the community that read “No Easter Egg Hunt this year” and rows of watermelons depicted on the White House lawn.  But, the buck didn’t stop there.

He went on to apologize to the woman and anyone that may have been offended by the joke, but he contends that he didn’t realize that there was this type of stigma and pain behind a simple watermelon.  He’s got to be joking.  He’s 65 -years old and a witness to the Civil Rights Movement.  There’s no way he’s going to use the “Uuuuuhhh, Duhhhh, I dunno” defense.  And since it is impossible for him to deflect responsibility, someone bombed his office doorway with a watermelon.

The White House photo with watermelons on the lawn
The White House photo with watermelons on the lawn

In an effort to say the very least about the subject, the racist jokes are getting to be redundant and small.  We can all take a joke, but at least let it be funny.  This is trivial and rest assured President Obama doesn’t entertain this or any other blatantly racist  remark or threat.  He is the President of course.  Read here to see how the mayor has been criticized.  Read here to see what is going to happen with the mayor.

4 thoughts on “California Mayor Passing White House Watermelon Patch Jokes”

  1. Yawn
    . .

    The attacks on The President are ridiculous and tired, along with the lame excuses and apologies.

  2. Not very smart…….
    Only in the great US of A where you don’t have tobe very smart to have a great job …..!
    He needs to step down and get out of the way of progress..!

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