Stevie Wonder Officially A National Treasure

President Obama with Stevie Wonder

President Obama is “the man” on so many different levels, but there is one new reason that puts him over the top.  Stevie Wonder was honored by Library of Congress and President Obama with the highest ranking  American music honor, the Gershwin award.

Stevie Wonder has long been a national treasure for the black community because his music celebrates the African American experience while reaching back and celebrating the world.  He is a humanitarian at heart and has shown that he embraces all facets of life and was committed to a better U.S. early on in his career.

Many of us are lifelong fans of Stevie Wonder because we have the unique experience of his music being the soundtrack to our relationships, political battles, and parties.   He’s the only artist that we can say that about (feel free to correct us if we’re wrong).  He’s timeless and versatile and now one of our greatest musical treasures.  The first time the award was presented in 2007, it was given to Paul Simon.

Thanks Stevie and congratulations!  Check it out:

Anderson Cooper reports on Stevie Wonders honor at the White House

2 thoughts on “Stevie Wonder Officially A National Treasure”

  1. That was wonderful! How many decades has Stevie been making great music?! In addition to that, he’s an humanitarian…concerned about making the world a better place. It’s a little “disheartening” to see some of the present day entertainers who “demand” instant gratification. They want the all the fame, the money and all the honors and awards, just because they had a couple of good CDs. When they don’t receive those awards and honors, they seem to get an attitude…as if they are entitled! No need to name any, we all know who they are! What has happened to being gracious, modest and humble? That’s alright…Steveland Morris is an international treasure!!
    The honor was well deserved!

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