It’s Soooouuul Time Again Brothers and Sisters!


If you were living at the time that the Soul show launched on the air in the late 60s, you are already excited about their return.  PBS via New York’s public access channel 13-WNET,  has brought the program back to the public and it is guaranteed to upgrade your blackness by the time it’s finished with you.

The show reminds you of a time when “I’m Black and I”m Proud” was just becoming a mantra in the black community.  This collection of entertainers and activists that met on this show were put together to form the greatest hour of music and culture anyone had ever seen.  It ran on-air from 1968-1973.  You’ll be able to see it online via PBS/13WNET.  They haven’t finished uploading the entire series, but you’ll be able to see the shows “greatest hits.” 

The pleasure of having Soul back and not only nationally, but globally,  is only matched by the young people of today who will appreciate the show’s platform and theme and what it was trying so hard to do.  Be careful going to the site though because the moment you click on THE SOULyou will be taken to the mothership and transported back through time to one of the funkiest places on Earth.

Also, as a bonus, read a copy of Jet that talks about the show’s 1973 cancellation and the reasoning behind that decision.

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