Detroit Says ‘Who Cares?’ To New Mayor


Detroit is watching storm clouds forming over the city as the Big 3 sits on the precipice of collapse, and the city is run by one of the most disgraceful city governments any city has ever seen.  The automotive industry decline left the residents either laid off or victims of a plant closing.  And while the city was in need of a powerful navigational system during these harsh times, they ended up fleeced by their mayor.

The Most Disgraceful Mayor in America award recipient for 2008 is Kwame Kilpatrick.  He has finished 99 of the 120 days he was sentenced for his sex/text scandal and has been released. His position is still available and there are several candidates that obviously don’t do anything for the residents of Detroit because when they had a mayoral runoff yesterday to see who would complete Kilpatrick’s term, no one showed up at the polls.  Even basketball hall of famer David Bing (former Detroit Piston) who is an automotive parts supplier threw his hat in the ring.

Detroit has nearly 700,000 registered voters and less than 100,000 showed up at the polls to vote.   Maybe in November when they vote for the new mayor the city will see better results.  But at this point, the city’s residents have experienced so much devastation they wouldn’t care if the four candidates stood together in a room and pulled the name out of a hat.    Read here and pray this economy turns around … soon.

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