Octomom’s Ex Wants To Do Right By Her

Dennis Beaudoin, alleged octodad
Dennis Beaudoin, alleged octodad

Remember the scene in “Life” when the Superintendent comes to find out from the inmates who his “chocolated” grandson belongs to?¬† Well, in that scenario, this guy would be Bernie Mac…”I¬†da¬†pappy!”¬†¬†¬† The octomom’s ex showed up out of nowhere on Good Morning America Monday morning to set the record straight.¬† He gave a bird’s eye view into their past relationship and his account of who she was when they were dating.¬† This brother from the fifth floor who said they were together “three” years between 1997 and 1999 has some math classes to take and some interesting things to tell the world about the mother of all mothers.

He has two sons and is married, yet claims that even if the children aren’t his, he’s going to help her because someone has to help her.¬† He is so selfless, so responsible, so honorable…NOT!¬† This character thinks that he’s about to be a part of some pay day and/or get some face time out of this to somehow benefit his present family.¬† He’s already been successful at landing his 15 minutes.¬† Not only that, he added tears to the interview.¬† He is still heartbroken over¬†a¬†custody battle over his oldest son and says he would never put her through that.

The whole thing sounds really suspicious.¬† He does show up with his letter from her and admits to giving her “samples” while they were dating.¬† My question is, why would you have sex with a cup rather than your girlfriend?¬† And if she told you she¬†couldn’t get pregnant, why are you giving her your sperm?¬†He never made mention of her getting a surrogate involved, so who was the sperm supposed to go to if she couldn’t have babies?¬† You be the judge…check out the interview:

Good Morning America interview with Denis Beaudoin, alleged OctoMom donor

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  1. A black man! These kids don’t look an ounce black.And,these kids are about to turn 4.So,it took him 4 years to finally come foward and claim them.I’m not buying this.Its funny how he is coming out with his story,just as Octo mom is about to come out with a new reality show.Regardless,he is a fool for this because if they are his,he will only end up in jail for not paying the thousands and thousands of dollars in child support.Once they caculate that c/s,I know this one man won’t be able to pay it.

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