Facebook Is the New Crack

Mark Zucker, CEO Facebook
Mark Zucker, CEO Facebook

You are probably sitting there with your Facebook account, scratching your arm and hanging on the edge of your seat right now just in case someone might: update their page, send you a Facebook e-mail, write on your “wall”, send you an instant message, put up new pictures, send you an update on your favorite entertainer, send an “energy pack” to you so you can do a “job” in Mafia Wars and most importantly, SEND YOU A FRIEND REQUEST…I could go on and on. 

Facebook is an all encompassing social networking tool that has really caught on fire recently.  The 24-year old founder of Facebook almost perfectly simulated the circle of life and nearly dissolved the six degrees of separation.  Since it began in 2005, it has gained over 150 million members.  Recent as December, I personally, have seen an influx of black members of all ages. 

It started out primarily as a dating or networking site for young people between the ages of 18 and 24.  Now everyone is on it and for various reasons.  But while the site is wildly popular, they haven’t found a way to turn a serious profit. And CNN reports that they didn’t even break even last year.  They may do like Wikipedia and put up an ad that holds a virtual hat out to its members in order to make ends meet.  Contemplate, while reading the report on “FB” ,what you will do to keep the site going while I go check on this last friend request.

3 thoughts on “Facebook Is the New Crack”

  1. ok yeah. i admit im one of the junkies. actually cant wait to get a cell with a wider screen, lol. i was wondering y all of a sudden friends from myspace didnt get back with me like they use too…. i swore id never go to fb…. ur right its like crack!! now add me as a friend, lol.

  2. tell me about it! i just got my first hit today and i hate to even think how many hours i’ve been on here! out of control!!!

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