Cell Phones Help Kids Learn

Irwin Jacobs
Irwin Jacobs

The co-founder of Qualcomm (cell phone technology pioneer) wants every child to get a cell phone.   The technology mogul is prepared to put his money where his mouth is through a pilot program funded by Qualcomm to start the use of the smartphone in four North Carolina high schools.  He is committed to the idea of using this technology in the school system and is totally convinced that cell phones are the key to superb support for their education.

There are skeptics out there that say this is not a smart way of reaching children in education, but merely a “distraction.”  But, he isn’t crazy enough to give middle school children cell phones without limitations.  There were phones given to students last year with basic functionality.

The cell phones don’t scream education to most, but if he can get cell phones in schools where there aren’t even any computers , I’m sure he will be applauded.  He maintains that this is exceptional technology that surpasses computers in their convenience and ability.  Check out the story.  Your children could be getting their first cell phone from their teacher.  You never know.

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