It’s Lights Out For Vegas

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Everyone is running scared in these Depression-like times.  If you’re losing your job, you can’t keep your home or apartment.  If you can’t find work after losing your job, you have to relocate to wherever the work is.

ABC is reporting that Las Vegas is the emptiest city in America, just edging out Detroit for the title.  The two cities have seen the highest rental and home vacancy rates in the country and there’s no sign of help in the near future.

The list that ABC has put together includes the top 15 emptiest cities.  The top three is completed with Atlanta in the third spot, then Greensboro, N.C. and Dayton, Oh.  Detroit was once a bustling industrial automotive mecca boasting up to 2,000,000 residents.  That number has now shrunk to 900,000.  There’s been signs popping up in neighborhoods that read, “The last person to leave the city, turn the lights off.”

Read here about the population crunch the larger cities in America are experiencing.

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