The Monkey Business Does Not Stop At Attorney General

Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General
Eric Holder, U.S. Attorney General

Now it seems that yet another monkey comparison has been made, but against the attorney general.  The foolishness has spread beyond the New York Post pages into the television.  I don’t think this person got the memo that asses are being kicked at the New York Post.  Two Fox News reporters were joking about a monkey that escaped from a California zoo.  They reported on a distinguishing characteristic of the monkey, a bright blue scrotum, and then proceeded to mention Eric Holder in the same breath referring to his scrotum. 

This whole thing has gone way too far.  Anytime, you can look into the camera, knowing what has happened at the New York Post and have the audacity to make this comparison.  These racists are not scared of any repercussions for their actions and that’s our fault.  We have to really hold their feet to the fire.  Their privilege in this country has them under the impression that they are untouchable.   Check out the video here, but it doesn’t occur until the end of the report:

Fox News Host, John Gibson, comparing monkey's scrotum to Attorney General's

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  1. I understand that video was doctored and that Holder was not compared to a monkey. Is this true?

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