Nine-Year Old Charged In Killing Father Offered Deal


Many have found the case of the 9-year old that shot his dad and another man rather controversial.  The reports have been inconclusive surrounding the young man’s mental health and/or reasoning behind the shooting deaths.  The first thing one would think is that the child was suffering some sort of abuse.  But, judging from his interviews, there was no evidence of that either.  Well, he did say upon the anniversary of his 1,000 ass whoopin’ he was going to set it off (loosely translated). 

But, of course in the black community, that does not constitute abuse.

The child will not do any jail time under the deal offered to him, but he will be on probation until he’s 18.  But, the family of the man who was killed along with the father, wanted the boy to get jail time until he turned 18.  We all understand their loss, but sending a nine-year old to jail?  Where was the family when the man needed someplace to stay?  Had he been living with a family member, he wouldn’t have been a part of this? 

The clandestine events surrounding this case remain mysterious. What do you think?  Get what you can from this report.

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