NAACP Celebrates 100 Years with Black Films

The NAACP has partnered with Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment to celebrate Black History month and their 100th year anniversary with a customized Black History collection of films.  The collection includes 77 titles and 22 of these films have been selected to receive unique DVD faceplates that highlight key themes in African-American heritage including those of Determination, Pride, Entertainment and Success.

Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment will also honor the NAACP’s landmark anniversary by donating a portion of each specially-marked Blu-ray Disc or DVD purchased to the pioneering civil rights organization (up to a total of $100,000).

The six films featured in A History of Determination celebrate the lives of African-Americans who achieved greatness against seemingly insurmountable odds. These include The Jackie Robinson Story, the saga of first African-American major league baseball player of the modern era; AKA Cassius Clay, a documentary tracing the life of the Olympic gold medal winner and former Heavyweight Champion of the World; Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed, the story of Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman elected to Congress and first major party black candidate for president of the United States; and King, the biography of the legendary civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The collection also features the remarkable stories of two ordinary people who overcame crippling adversity, The Antwone Fisher Story and Woman, Thou Art Loosed.

The other categories A History of Pride, A History of Entertainment, and History of Success includes titles like Hotel Rwanda, The Great White Hope, The Five Heartbeats, The Bernie Mac Show, and the hilarious sketch variety show, Cedric The Entertainer, Man On Fire, with Denzel Washington and Christopher Walken and Barbershop featuring Ice Cube and Eve.



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