Monkeying Around With Racism In America


By now, you’ve probably heard every version imaginable about the blatantly racist caricature featured in the NY Post.  There’s no way of explaining their way out of it.  They merely need to take ownership of what they have done and:  (a) close their doors  (b) send an open letter of apology to Obama and people of color (c) shut their doors.

It’s probably not likely that they will shut their doors, but what I, for one,  would like to see this incident bring forth is the issue of patriotism.  Forever, African Americans have been treated like third class citizens in the country that our ancestors built.  The inability of white America to own up to  past transgressions, whether publicly or privately, by their generalizing, objectifying, stereotyping of black life hampers the direction of rebuilding our country within the vision that President Obama has for the country.

When Michelle Obama said, “For the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country … not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change…I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction and just not feeling so alone in my frustration and disappointment,” she had valid reasoning behind her statements.

NO, she did not mean it in the way that it was distorted, but even if she did, she had valid circumstances to stand on:  4 Little Girls killed in a church bombing, the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Emmit Till, James Byrd, 41 shots in Amadou Diallo and now a depiction of the nation’s President, her husband, depicted as a dead monkey shot to death on the front of one of the U.S.’ longest running major daily publications.

White racists of this country, specifically at the New York Post, need to be called out on their unpatriotic act that is depicted in this heinous carricature.  If Michelle Obama can be considered unpatriotic for her remarks, what does it say when you depict the President, your leader, the world’s most powerful man, this way?  What kind of patriots or Americans do this and get away with it?  Today, the New York Post is just as much a terrorist in this country as Timothy McVeigh.  There is no difference in the destructive nature of their act.

I pray for President Barack Obama and his family to be and feel safe in what could be the most instrumental position he’ll hold in his career.  But, I also hope that he dismisses, just this one time, with some of his diplomacy and address this issue, as only he can, in the most eloquent fashion.

The prejudice and disdain for African American life by racists has for too long left us outside of a dream of living in our own country and now that we have a black President, it’s time to let some people know, in no uncertain terms, that there is a new sheriff in town.  We cannot dismiss the fact that some of us who are elderly, voted for the very first time;  that are young,  thought about politics for the very first time and voted; that a lot of us are feeling like Americans for the very first time.   So, sorry New York Post, but you WILL NOT dismantle these facts no matter how hard you try.  America STOP BUYING THE NEW YORK POST!

-J.C. Brooks

19 thoughts on “Monkeying Around With Racism In America”

  1. This is nothing more than a racist ad and for the paper to insinuate the cartoon is just a parody of current news events is equally insulting. One story has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other. The page before the cartoon shows the president signing the stimulus package. It’s a clear subliminal message. To suggest that a monkey wrote the simulus package? It’s disgusting. All I have to say is sponsors beware. I WILL NOT patronize any business which incites this type of hatred and violence.

  2. I agree with JT!! They will not get my hard earned money and I hope others will follow suit. If this had happened in another country, the NY Post may not be standing now…..

  3. I’m not a brother that likes to jump to conclusions and only God and the cartoonist really know what his true intent was before it was put in it’s proper historical perspective of America’s long ugly record of stereotyping Blacks as having the mental capacity of apes as well as their features including color. His intent though is not the topic. To me, i think what is important that images like these are allowed to see the light of day from organizations that probably will pride themselves on diversity. It shows the “ape-ish thinking” on the part of these people in editorial positions which are mostly filled by white males, who can give a hoot if they are being insensitive to blacks, whom they only figure will whoop and holler but can’t do know real damage like cost their jobs or harm readership. Who knows, maybe readership will even increase as backlash to brothers like Sharpton being thrown in the fire (as we knew he would). I am sad that in 2009 when we have a President of color that we still can open our newspapers and see images of that were so prevalent in Jim Crow America!

  4. look at this incident as ignorant racist white people in high places trying to express their feelings. It is sad to know that there are still prejudice racist ignorant people still alive today. I would have thought that most of them were died by now.
    their must be some old old old racist farts still working for the new york post.

    Did anyone notice how the coward posted his/her name jb. I guess he/she wasn’t that da?? stupid to post their first and last name.

    I never purchased the new york post anyway. I always thought it was a white paper for white people anyway and this proves it. GO TO HELL NEW YORK POST!!!!!!!!!

  5. I beleive that is what I said or maybe I should have added the small word as before his or her name jb.

  6. I usually don’t “blog” but none of you are looking at the deeper more sick issue…the “chimp” depicted in this cartoon put a woman in critical condition yesterday!!! It has been mentioned that her hands were almost (if not fully) bitten off!!! The owner repeatedly stabbed the monkey to no avail… Not only do we see the All American relationship of blacks to apes but why oh why would someone joke about an incident like that??? I hope that lady in the hospital doesn’t see this, especially if she too voted for Obama!!!

  7. I was horrified when I saw that cartoon and I was ready to dismiss its importance after hearing a commentary about DL Hughley saying the President shouldn’t respond because he should continue to focus on the important issues facing us and this country but the POST should definitely hear from us.

    This was a violent insensitive attempt at satire that is offensive to anybody, anybody that views it. How callous to show the blood splattered animal and then as JB mentioned relate it to the work of the current administration. It is sick and I hope they suffer serious ramifications behind this.

  8. Let do something that hits the Post in their Pockets.

    If you have a copy of the New York Post Burn THEM and Mail them back to the NY Post newspaper office.
    If you subscribe to the Stupid Newspaper STOP. today

    We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more!

  9. Why is everyone shocked or surprised? White people will always hate us deep down inside and a lot of the times outside. But yet WE run to them for ALL of the answers. Whether it’s for financial assistance or supposedly love, that’s who WE run to.

  10. What a bunch of idiocy! How many times was Bush shown as a chimp! And he wasn’t the only president shown like that before. This shows that these so called racial activists are more rascist than anyone else! Get over it and realize that not every white person is rascist when in reality most are not! Stop looking for reasons to be offended when that is not what is going on. Obama didn’t write the bill, Congress did, so if the monkey was to be specifically named it would be Congress, not the president himself. Stop being rescist yourself and you will see it a lot less around you!

  11. Pleaseeee If congress wrote the bill then the cartoon should have pictures more than one person since congress is comprised of more than one person. Don’t try to cover up for these racist white people and as far as I am concerned about 95% of white people are racist and prejudice and the other 5% are PROBALLY not either because they are married to or in a relationship with a black person. Black people are not looking to be offended only an idiot would always be looking to be offended. Who in the he?? would want to be offended all the time. Get over it racism still exists and will always exists, because of small minded white people in our society!!!! and the people who are so upset with Obama being president, why don’t you just DIE, because I am sick and tired of hearing all this crazy mess on CNN (racist and prejudice news) about OBAMA. PRESIDENT Barack Obama is trying to run this country he is not worried about the ignorant people who wants him to fail. Remember if Obama fails this country fails (or does that matter to racist people). I know President Barack Obama will prevail. GO Obama!!!!! I stand behind you 100% and for the other States that are turning down his Stimulus money Duh? your lost.

  12. Actually the cartoon is referring to congress, not the president. As I understand it they are the ones that wrote the bill.

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