Muslim Network Founder Beheads Wife

 Aasiya and Muzzammil Hassan
Aasiya and Muzzammil Hassan

This incident would be bad if it were anyone, but this guy is supposed to be a respectable member of the business community.  Somehow he allowed himself to do the unimaginable.  Not only is he supposed to be a business owner, but he, through the channel he established, was working to improve the image of Muslims through the channel’s programming.  Now, the Buffalo, Ny. resident will have to try his best to repair and repent from jail.

After 911, Muslims were shunned and castigated in the American society and this is nothing more than fuel to the fire.  The muslim community should be outraged and taking to the streets because if they don’t show their disgust with this situation, they will continue to be considered a demonic culture that seek to destroy their women and blow up those in the way of their beliefs. 

Read here for the disturbing details of this case.

2 thoughts on “Muslim Network Founder Beheads Wife”

  1. Who cares how Muslims are ‘considered’ by whites and ameriKKKan?
    And what does being Muslim have to do with this story?
    you hear about many decapitation crimes done by krazy ass white folks on the news!
    try google..and leave the muslim bashing out of it.

  2. Being Muslim has a lot to do with it. This is apart of their culture. You may want to read about the Muslim culture and how they punish the women, before you comment.

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