MLK Oratory Winner is Fourth Grade Phenom


One of the most phenomenal speakers we’ve heard came out of Dallas, Tx. in the form of a fifth grader named Dalton Sherman who posed the question “Do You Believe In Me?”  He had an appearance on the Ellen Degeneres program not too long after he addressed nearly 20,000 Dallas Independent School District teachers and families August 20, 2008, to get the school year started at the annual convocation.  But you read EUR ThisNThat, so you’re already aware of him.

Now, we have a new phenomenal orator out of the same area, Texas.  (Why, oh why, didn’t your former President consult with these two young people for his speeches?)  The winner of the 13th annual Gardere MLK Oratory competition is fourth grader, Gerra Gistand of Henry MacGregor Elementary school.  She is a dynamic speaker that would put most eloquent adults on notice.  She even demonstrates a great singing voice to close and place emphasis on her topic of “If  Dr. King Were Alive Today, What Do You Think He Would Say About Current Events?”

The oratory competition was started in 1993 by law firm, Gardere & Wynne in Houston to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  The competition is open to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders.  Watch this young lady in action.  She will give you chills of pride:

Gerra Gistand delivering speech at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church where competition is held.

3 thoughts on “MLK Oratory Winner is Fourth Grade Phenom”

  1. this little girl is phenomenal! she made me cry!

    dalton was on oprah monday (it was a rerun), he did his “do you believe in me” speech. that was good, too.

  2. dis lil gurl wuuz str8 gettin it!!!!!!….datz a shame wen dis lil 4th grader be blowin away us middle schoolers….gurl u got it …uma give ya dat….go head wif yo bad self…..i wuud luuv ta meet yhu…..yhu gotta brain on yhu gurl!!!!!

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