Tyler Perry and Madea Grace Cover of Jet


Some of you may already have your tickets for “Madea Goes to Jail.”   Well Jet sits down with Tyler Perry and gets him to weigh in on everything including when or if you’ll ever see Madea again. 

The long awaited “Madea Goes To Jail” will hit theaters Feb. 20. The movie mogul feels that this film is very timely.  “She’s what this country needs right now. A lot of laughter,” Perry told Jet magazine. “You are going to laugh until you hurt.  She is in rare form. I had
fun acting a fool.” 

Perry has been straddling the fence about keeping the character going, but she’s such a huge movie box office draw, the fans may have the last say on when she’ll show up again. “No, I think there is one more movie I’ll do,” said Perry. “But when I give the word that she’s officially done, she’s done. But I think there might be one more. When I start writing, I just write. If there is a Madea story, I just go for it.” (p. 44)


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