The Clock Is Ticking On Illinois Senator

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Illi.)
Sen. Roland Burris (D-Illi.)

Sen. RolandBurris has had so much trouble getting in Barack Obama’s former Senate seat that it’s hard to believe he’s staring yet another controversy in the face over the occupation of the seat.  The Republicans are busy finding ways to relieve Burris of his title, especially on the grounds of “omission.” 

The senator said that he was not in cahoots with the governor, but admits to trying to raise money for the governor before the appointment was given to him to fill the President’s senate seat.  He was, according to Burris, unable to produce financially, but was still appointed to the Senate. 

Now, the aftermath has begun.  That little tidbit of information would’ve kept him from going through the controversy reminsicent of a 60s civil rights demonstration the day he tried to enter the Capitol and report for duty.  If this would’ve surfaced at that time, he could’ve kissed the position goodbye. 

The report from the Huffington Post said that he will probably come out unscathed because the past suggests that there will probably not be enough votes gathered to oust him.  Read here to see just what may be in store for the embattled senator.

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