Terrence Howard Retracts on Chris and Rihanna

Terrence Howard
Terrence Howard

It’s almost comical how the media seeks the counsel of the entertainment community as though they are clergy and/or unblemished.  (And we all know how unblemished the clergy is these days.)  Recently, Terrence Howard commented on the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown and landed himself right in the hot seat.  He must’ve forgot about the long memory of the media.

It wasn’t that long ago that Terrence was caught in fisticuffs with his estranged wife.  They were going through a separation and he came through the door, literally, swinging and landing punches.  The record of that altercation was caught on the Smoking Gun along with a mugshot. 

The actor didn’t side with Chris or Rihanna, but mentioned that they would get through this.  When he made the comments, he claims he didn’t know what Chris Brown was charged with.  Check out the video of  his comments:

Terrence Howard caught on the street and asked about Chris and Rihanna.

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