Dishin’ Dirt on Mo’Nique, Suge Knight, Chilli, T.I. and more…

What’s up y’all?! Here is the dirt…


First let me say that I KNOW that I am gonna get some H-A-T-E mail for what I am ‘bout to say but y’all I could not let this go’on another year without sayin’ something. What the heck does Mo’Nique have against razors?! Every time I have seen her in a dress she has had those hairy azz drum sticks that she calls legs all exposed and what not. And this is the same chick that hosts Flavor of Love Charm School!! The first time I saw the dreads on her legs I thought maaaaaybe she was rushing and forgot to shave…but she ain’t forgot for ten years straight!! That heifer is just nasty!! So now I’m lookin’ at her like…do you have hair anywhere else?? Like fo’ real…do you have cuszin “It” in the head lock? Is the nappy dug out…reeeeeeally nappy? The thought makes me cringe…
This is almost as bad as the time I saw Kelly Rowland at a party and she used the bathroom and because the line was too long for the use of sink to wash her hands, that heifer thought it was okay to NOT wash her hands!! That was six or seven years ago so let’s just hope that she carries hand sanitizer these days. Nuff said…

Side Bar-Ladies, please know that HAIR holds ODOR and no matter what a joker tells you, that smell ain’t sexy??! It’s just NASTY!

Larry Joghson & Chilli (courtesy
Larry Joghson & Chilli (courtesy

Y’all Chilli done found her another sponsor…oooooops, I mean another man. Homegirl was seen at an All Star Game after party with NFLer Larry Johnson. Yep, he is the same Larry Johnson that was engaged to Julissa Bermudez formerly of 106 and Park. Yep, this is the same Larry Johnson that had a run in or two with the law for alleged “domestic” violence. All imma say is that Chilli need to have her “bob and weave” game REAL tight. He’s cute though. Nuff said…


Y’all Suge Knight done got his azz whipped again. This time it was by Akon’s business manager. Not is bodyguard…but his business manager. Now that is pretty bad when SECURITY turns to the business manager and says, “take care of my lightweight!!” The fight took place during All Star Weekend at a private party in. Suge was transported to a local hospital for facial damage and Akon’s manager was taken away in handcuffs.

Side Bar-Does anyone else feel hoodwinked and bamboozled? Suge done had errrrrybody spooked and come to find out he was all smoke and mirrors. Shhhh…don’t tell him I said that though.


Okay this ain’t got nuffin’ to do with nuffin’ but I happened to catch T.I.’s road to redemption the other night and I must say, that it was pretty good. After watching the show, I can honestly say that, I DON’T BLAME HIM FOR HAVING AND ARSENAL OF WEAPONS AT HIS CRIB! The show actually brought me to tears. Yeah, I was a punk…but don’t tell nobody. Once you watch the episode, hit me back and let me know if you agree or disagree with T.I.’s logic. Check out the episode here.

Cast of 'The Game'
Cast of 'The Game'

Speaking of great television, The Game has rapped for the season and according to my sources, the show has not been picked up for next season as of yet. I told y’all that I was starting a letter writing campaign to the CW. So please join my efforts and BLOW THEM UP!! Let them know that we ain’t falling for the okey doke and that we want to see The Game and Everybody Hates Chris back next season. Send your letters here.

That’s all the dirt for now. Holla back!

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7 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Mo’Nique, Suge Knight, Chilli, T.I. and more…”

  1. No disrespect, but the last time I checked, Mo is a grown woman. If she doesn’t shave anything & feel confident to “strut her stuff”, so be it. Who is she hurting? Also, make sure to tell the men to shave too!

  2. Now, now, leave Mo’Nique alone. Shaving legs or not has nothing to do with cleanliness. Many older women don’t shave anymore and the young ones shave too much and end up with jacked-up, discolored skin–from shaving too much! You don’t have to rub Mo’s legs and you really don’t have to look at ’em. Write about something else my dear!

  3. Opinions are like a-holes…everybody gotz one. Keep doin yo thang Sony. I admit I dont shave umm my legs regularly but dang there is a point where..I say “dayum”..and get to shavin.. Lol, maybe Mo and others never get to that point…..

  4. How dare you, just becasue you have been “white washed” into believing that you have to shave your legs ot be sexy don’t hate on others. We are born with hair on our legs for a reason, all you have to do is wash your body for the hair not to smell. Lot’ s of men and women know it’s “Really Sexy” to have hair on your legs. Ya’ll stop the fakeness. White is not right, weaves, shaving, fake nails. Everyone is entitled to what they like. Leave Mo’ Nique alone.

  5. I’m sorry but I find NOTHING sexy about women having hairy legs. It has nothing to do with being ‘white”.

  6. I love the look of hair on women’s legs. Why the hell should we shave and men don’t have to? WE cripple ourselves with such stupidity. Men can go anywhere anytime wear antying without worrying whether they shaved their legs. I have been at such a disadvantage as to what I can wear, especially when I’m in a rush..and so limited in my choices, only because I did not shave. I have so much hair, I cannot shave, I must wax, otherwise i will have to shave every single day. So, good on her! Way to GO Monique. You are gutsy, I love it!!! More power to Women . We were born this way , women look so much more confident and strong when they don’t shave.

    And , it’s SOOOOO SEXY. i can’t stop looking at women’s hairy legs. Love it.

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