Victim Gets Away In Getaway Car


America is taking its destiny by the reins.  No one is getting jacked anymore.  With everyone struggling in a failed economy, the criminals have to watch out because we’ve decided to fight back.

The latest example comes out of Washington state where a man’s house was being burglarized while he was home.  But, before the burglars could make off with his stuff, he beat them to the punch.  If this guy is black, he’s used to having to protect his own stuff.  You know the police only comes to the black community to clean up not stop a crime in progress.  Because for some strange reason, they are always late. 

Check out the details of the story.  You’re going to stand up an applaud this guy.  You may even be inclined to share the story of how you thwarted a crime or the time your car became an EMS vehicle.

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