Obama Drops ‘Car Czar’ In Automakers’ Deal


The President is moving forward with all of his plans for the nation, except one.  The stimulus package is moving full steam ahead and now he can go back and check in on the automakers. 

GM and Chrysler are on the welfare line with the rest of the businesses in America that have fleeced the country and now expect assistance.  But, the President has a special caveat to their loan.  Inititally, Obama required a monitor of sorts, the proposed “car czar.”   But, the  car czar has been dropped, reports Fox News through an anonymous source. 

If the report is authentic, the President is making sure that he is meticulous about the plans for the car giants.  We can presume from the history of the car industry, that appointing one person to such a vast responsibility would not be sufficient.  The person could easily be corrupted in his duty of overseeing the monies loaned and/or find the responsibility consuming to oversee such companies that still seek their last car czar of sorts…Mr. Jimmy Hoffa.  Check the story for details of  their deal and status and how it affects us all.

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