Ebony Breaks Record With Obama Sales


A lot of magazines must have gotten a boost in sales from the images of the President and his wife over the last couple months, but, Johnson publishing has reported that its January 2009 issue of Ebony, was catapulted to their highest sales in the magazine’s 67-year history.

The newsstand sales exceeded 400,000 copies, which more than doubled the average monthly sales for the magazine. The issue also boasts the first interview with the President after his Nov. 4 victory.  This is great news for the company that we recently reported falling victim to the economy and experiencing a major “restructuring” of its employees.

The commemorative issue is now available online and is a Presidential goldmine of a chronicle of the life of the President and First Lady on the campaign trail with never-before-seen photos.

“The magnitude of President Obama’s historic victory demanded that EBONY magazine pay tribute to such an achievement with a commemorative issue. Our mission for over six decades has been to tell our stories like no one else can,” said Linda Johnson Rice, chairman and CEO of Johnson Publishing Company, Inc., based in Chicago.

So if you didn’t get a copy now’s your chance online.

3 thoughts on “Ebony Breaks Record With Obama Sales”

  1. Congrats Ebony!

    You deserve it for putting your people on the Campaign Trail.

    I know how expensive that was and we appreciate you.


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