Dishin’ Dirt on Jayson Williams, Roberto Alomar, Steve Harvey and LisaRaye…

What’s up y’all?! Here is the dirt…


Jayson Williams…that’s a name we haven’t heard in a while…is getting a divorce. The wife of the former NBA player is filing for divorce claiming that Jayson is a nut case. According to my sources, Tanya Young Williams claims that she is the victim of inhumane treatment. She claims that Jayson FAKED STOMACH CANCER and suicide. As if that was not enough to make her go crazy he told her that he had been “grazing in the grass” on white girls. In case y’all ain’t know, Tanya is black. Not only is she black but she is a RBG (real black girl). I’m talkin’ dreads and errrything…so y’all know she was REALLY freaked out. She also claims that he threatened to kill her, has a coke problem and that the NASTY BUZZARD peed in the sink!! Williams is currently awaiting retrial for shooting his chauffer to death.


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Side Bar-Sistas pu-lease know that sometimes FYNE=CRAZY and that you pay for ERRRRY dime when you marry for money. By the way, how the HELL does someone fake stomach cancer…and suicide?!


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Speaking of PSYCHO athletes, WHY does Roberto Alomar have a new girlfriend?! The former baseball player released a statement to ESPN saying that the allegations his ex made about him were false. However, during that same conversation he did not confirm or deny his HIV status but he did say that he was in good health and that he wished the press would respect his privacy. The chick he is kicking it with, Maripily Rivera is a model and from the looks of the pictures she does not seem a bit concerned that her boo is quite possibly dying from AIDS.

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Side Bar-School is in session. Sistas black and brown, young and old please know that we are the leading group of all HIV/AIDS deaths in the U.S. So can we not sell ourselves to the highest bidder? Can we please not give it to a man who has NOTHING TO LOOSE because he KNOWS that he is DYING, therefore he don’t give a flying biscuit about you any power over our lives?! Stand up and know that you are the prize and that jokers need to start proving themselves worthy of you and not the other way around! Class dismissed!

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I know that I have mentioned this before but please go out and cop Steve Harvey’s new book “Act Like a Lady: Think Like a Man.Some of us need visual aids in order for our common sense to kick in. For more info, read EUR’s feature story and listen to Harvey and Lee Bailey discuss the book.  Nuff said…

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Speaking of simple people, LisaRaye was on power 105 FM yesterday discussing her drama filled life and divorce and this heifer made errrrything about her. MY GIRL!! That is how to do it. First she dissed Duane Martin by calling him a “Hollywood Groupie” and said that he ruined television for her. She also said that she couldn’t believe that Chris was beating on Rihanna like her soon to be ex-hubby was beating on her. Maaaaaaaan, talk about capitalizing on someone else’s pain and suffering. Now y’all know LisaRaye is my girl but WHY is it that when folks are miserable they ALWAYS dis someone who seems to be happy and doing well. Poor thing. I hope she gets over this foolishness real quick.

Last but not least, I want to end on a good note. Nas and Kelis are expecting their first child, a son. Congrats on the new baby!

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2 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Jayson Williams, Roberto Alomar, Steve Harvey and LisaRaye…”

  1. Knowing Lisa as I do (going back to high school), she had a “pampered” life at a young age, so to speak. BUT- she is not one to capitalize on another person’s misery for her own personal gain. She is as real as it gets. Also, if she said that someone else caused problems where she is concerned I believe her because she holds herself accountable for her mistakes- she always has. I don’t know Duane so I can’t say how he is, but I know LisaRaye is not how you’ve portrayed her in this writing. And when you are doing an interview, it IS all about you. Who did you think she would talk about? BTW, exactly WHO did she diss that “seems to be happy and doing well”? Duane Martin? Rumors of marital problems with Tisha Campbell-Martin. Rihanna and Chris Brown? Enough said…

  2. Lisa Raye is HIV infected. It was covered in Essence magazine years ago. Check the archive.

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