Reunited: Firefighter And Black Baby Girl He Saved in 1968

Boston has seen its share of racial problems over the years, but during 1968 all cities were on fire. Martin Luther King had been assassinated and race relations were not good, to say the very least.  That same year there was a little apartment building on fire with three small children inside in Boston.  A white fireman got the distress call and went in and rescued a baby girl.

Fast forward to the present and the baby girl, who is now a 40-year old woman, gets a chance at thanking him for saving her life.  The fireman, now 71, shared her joy.  Check out the heartwarming video:

2 thoughts on “Reunited: Firefighter And Black Baby Girl He Saved in 1968”

  1. That’s a beautiful story. They were both blessed to be able to see the best in humanity.

  2. What a very touching story, brought tears to my eyes. Despite our history as african americans and what our ancestors suffered through in those days it’s a blessing to see there were a few good men among them.

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