Dishin’ Dirt on the NAACP Image Awards, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, T.D. Jakes and more…

What’s up y’all?! Here is the dirt…


The 40th NAACP Image Awards kicked off with a BANG!! I enjoyed every minute of it. It was an emotional roller coaster. One minute I was tearing up (yeah, I’m a punk) and the next I was tickled pink. Tyler Perry and Halle Berry did an AWESOME job hosting this year’s event. Overall I love the show. However, there were three wins that made be believe that the NAACP was SELLING awards to the highest bidder.

Tracee Ellis Ross

The first shocker was when Tracee Ellis Ross won for best actress in a comedy series for her role in GIRLFRIENDS and GIRLFRIENDS has been off the air for darn near two years. I let that one slide because I give all awards shows at least one freebie.


Then there was the UPSET of the night. Sean “NO ACTIN” Combs won Outstanding Role IN A T.V. Mini-Series for his role in “A Rasin In the Sun”, over Ben Vereen, Sean Patrick Thomas and Andre Braugher.

A Raisin in the Sun Cast

Side Bar-I’m guessing he made a SIZEABLE donation to the NAACP because that is the only way that Puff could have pulled that one off. Y’all know Puff can’t act his way out of a paper bag. Then that fool had the NERVE to get up there and say that he is just trying to be like Will Smith and Denzel. PU-LEASE! Jennifer should have sung “Dream the Impossible Dream” to his azz! Diddy if you are out there please know that you have WAY too many “yes” people around you. NUFF SAID…

Tyler Perry's House of Payne

Lastly, I was shocked and PISSED to see that Tyler Perry’s House of Payne won for best comedy over “Everybody Hates Chris,” “The Game,” and “30 Rock.” Somebody is lyin’ or some money exchanged hands. Who in the HECK was REALLY voting for this stuff?

Muhammad Ali

Jennifer Hudson

The tribute to Muhammad Ali was beautiful. My eyes actually watered when I saw such a strong, iconic figure, confined to a chair and unable to speak when accepting his award. Jennifer Hudson sang “Dream the Impossible Dream” in tribute to the “GREATEST OF ALL TIME” that brought the audience to their feet. Did I mention that J-Hud looked AMAZINGLY beautiful and SANG the HECK out of the song?


Russell's Children

Russell Simmons received the Vanguard Award and I could not have been more proud. Russell is an awesome dude. However, he has some BAD AZZ kids! Now usually I don’t talk about folks kids but DANG! They are beautiful girls but they are rude! Why were his daughters on stage fighting over his baseball cap?! Then another daughter interrupted his speech to remind him to thank her! WTH?! Russ needs to hire my mama for a week or two. Ming and the other one would know how to act in public after day one of “Mama Dena’s Boot Camp for Unruly Kids.” Day two would be the lesson on interrupting grown folks when they are talking. Nuff said…

Below is a list of some of the winners:

*Outstanding Actor in Drama or Series: Hill Harper (‘CSI: NY’)
*Outstanding New Artist: Jennifer Hudson
*Outstanding Actress In Comedy Series: Tracee Ellis Ross (‘Girlfriends’)
*Outstanding Female Artist: Beyoncé
*Chairman’s Award: Al Gore; Dr. Wangari Muta Maathai
*Outstanding Comedy Series: ‘Tyler Perry’s House of Pain’
*Outstanding Role in TV Movie, Mini-Series: Sean Combs (‘Raisin in the Sun’)
*Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Taraji P. Henson (‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’)
*Vanguard Award Recipient: Russell Simmons
*President’s Award: Muhammad Ali
*Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Will Smith (‘Seven Pounds’)
*Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture: Rosario Dawson (‘Seven Pounds’)
*Outstanding Motion Picture: The Secret Live of Bees
50 and his son

On another note, 50 Cent done took his beef with Rick Ross too far. This fool done brought Rick’s MAMA into their beef. It started when Rick called 50’s son a monkey and had the kids face on a monkey suit. Has Rick (with his EXTREMELY unattractive azz) EVER looked in the mirror?! But that had nothing on 50 going to Rick’s mama’s house and job and taping her saying, “Don’t mess with me. I know where your mama works.” Of course I am paraphrasing but that was the gist of the poem/ video of what 50 calls “A psychic told me.” If that ain’t a threat, I don’t know what is. Did we not learn anything from Pac and Biggie?

50 Cent's Son

Side Bar-Both 50 and Rick have since removed the AWEFUL videos from their websites after radio personalities and other folks complained about the beef going too far. Check out the article here.

Jermaine Jakes

Did anyone know that Pastor T.D. Jakes had a gay son? The reason this is news is because Pastor Jakes preaches against homosexuality (as most preachers do) and now his son has been arrested for getting his “jollies” in a park with some dudes while trying to pick up undercover police officers. Talk about a hot mess. I know his mama and daddy are MAD embarrassed. Check out the article here.
That’s all the dirt for now.


10 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on the NAACP Image Awards, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, T.D. Jakes and more…”

  1. Hey I actually had the opportunity to vote for the nominees of the Image Awards. It seems that if you are member of the NAACP you get “Crisis” Magazine and they have a ballot inside and you vote and mail it in…I DID NOT VOTE FOR “no acting” DIDDY! I too was shocked that he won and had the nerve to look surprised with his paper out.

    Although they allow members to vote…I’m sure there is some stuff behind the scenes…Diddy manipulates the public when it comes to his persona — he bought his way into producing so now he’s buying his way into acting. ALTHOUGH I believe and HOPE this will be his first and last award as an actor. Hollywood is different from the music industry….particularly when it comes to black folks.

  2. First, let me say that I watched the NAACP Awards on Thursday night and I enjoyed them as much as you did. Second, I agree that Traci Ellis Ross should not have won for best actress in a TV show and P.Diddy definitely not have won for Best Actor (WHAT?).

    What I do disagree on is the win for House of Payne. House of Payne gets mixed reviews depending on how you look at it but I think that, given the offerings from the major networks and cable, House of Payne is a very family friendly show, which is not a genre we have seen in a while. The Big 3 Networks seem to be unable to produce another “Cosby-esque” or Different World type of show and it’s shameful considering ALL of the diversity that exists in the world today. Why since like 1992, I believe when Cosby went off the air, has it been sooo difficult to be able to portray the Black Family in a positive light? Instead we have been hit over the head with shows about single Black folks. I’m single and I loved some of those shows but if you put a program on about a Black Family, hmmm, maybe people will want to start behaving like families and get married. White people certainly have their choice of shows that depict White Family life.

    The very fact that we have a Black President better heed some new results come Fall 2009 when the new shows premiere. House of Payne has it’s off moments, but it’s good, family fun, and it’s funny. I agree that Everybody Hates Chris should have probably recieved an award, however, Everybody Hates Chris and The Game have both been relegated to Friday nights and unless you are at home on a Friday night, which I try not to be too often, who’s watching it? There was an article the other day encouraging Black folks to watch The Game or risk it going off the air. Well, I fault the major networks for this lackluster choice in viewing for African Americans and other networks like BET. For a few years there it was FOX and the then WB Network holding it down for Black shows (Martin, Girlfriends, Living Single, New York Undercover, etc.), then just like that, poof, they were all gone and The Game and Everybody Hates Chris seem to be the only offerings on the Major 3 right now. That’s sad.

    And don’t get me started on the extended cable networks like HBO and Showtime. While they put on quality programming (The Wire, Soul Food, Sex Chronicles) featuring fabulous Black actors and actresses, I , like so many others, can’t watch them because some of us don’t have extended cable and I’m not paying for it.

    So, I guess my final question in response to this is, Why can’t the networks create and sustain programming that Black families and Black singles want to watch on a regular basis? NBC did it back in the 80’s/90’s. My family and I used to gather round the TV and watch together and then my friends and I would come to school the next day and discuss what happened on the escapades of Cosby and A Different World. Now, what do I discuss with friends, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta! I used to talk about Girlfriends but that’s off the air, so what’s left? And since the Black community is so torn over whether or not to support House of Payne, we will never come to a consensus. The other good thing about House of Payne is that every once in a while it infuses a hint of “church” or hits on spirituality and faith. I appreciate that Tyler Perry has, for the first time, been able to get something like that on the air.

    So I say to the networks, Do it again. There is no reason they can’t. Until then, I will have to give House of Payne the props it deserves because I don’t see anyone else, other than Tyler Perry, trying to put quality Black family programming on the air.

  3. Why cant black folks just be happy for each other with out speculating, hating, and complaining? I mean ….is it that serious! The biggest award of the year was given out 1/20/09 to president Obama, the rest is all in fun. Diddy brought that play to our tv screens with HIS money and produced it when White hollywood wouldn’t….Did Sydney P., Denzel or Tyler do it? no….give the man some credit. And he wasnt bad in the film at all. Stop reaching. Also…I may be alone, but Jennifer gets WAY too Much credit…what is she doing that MARY MARY or any other STRONG VOICED FEMALE hasn’t already done. She has a church voice and ALL her shit sounds alike! I am just keeping it real. Tracee Ellis Ross was on her show for MANY seasons before they were clearly ROBBED….they had great rating and the cast was never given their props! She should have won. House of Pain is really funny and I love the show. Beyonce was classy and beautiful. She should have gotten the award for the MOST HATED ON ,TALKED ABOUT, LIED ON, BLACK WOMEN N THE BUSINESS! SHE MUST HAVE A THICK SKIN CAUSE I WOULD RETALIATE ON ALL THE GOSSIP ABOUT ME! She was beautiful as well as Taraji ( my new FAVORITE actress and Alicia……

  4. I co-sign about Diddy, Sidney Poitier is about to go Etta on NAACP except he has too much class. Who voted for House of Payne, then again if Diddy can buy an award, Tyler Perry definately did for that crap called house of Payne. I feel that we should hold award shows accountable especially NAACP, the very organization is to stand for something positive so why sullied it’s reputation (although it has taken a beating as of late) in making poor choices to give the award to, that makes the award have no value if anyone can get it.

  5. I did not get to watch the awards last night, but I agree with the Girlfriends, nod….the show has been off the air and shouldn’t have been on ballot.

    I do enjoy House of Payne and like that it it won! I love that the show includes a family dealing with love and extended families helping each other out…. I love they have a young man starting college & earning and learning responsibily….I love that Jeanine is a recovering crack addict…I love that the show has Black Humor with Black Timing and is unapolgetic with telling our stories our way!!! I think the show is a strong one ALONG with Everybody Hates Chris, and The Game….Of course, we only have a few awards shows that cater to our people, so maybe Payne got the award since it was a new on the scene and still made a grand splash!

    Peace to ALL!

    Love EURWEB!!


  6. I watched the awards and was suprised that Diddy won. He was ok in Rasin in the Sun wow that was in Feb 2008. I was even more surprised when I heard Dakota Fanning was nominated. I thought this was NAACP. I tried to watch House of Payne and it was difficult. I don’t like slap stick comedy. But I guess it has its place.

  7. I am very disappointed in some of the comments, and negative attitudes the black folks are lashng out about during the NAACP Image Awards Show. The show was very good, and entertaining, but the only thing I did not like was when Rosario Dawson won the award for best actress in a Motion Picture when Angela Bassett was clearly a better choice not to mention she is of color.

    Now, on the House of Payne, GIrlfriends, and Diddy awards I believe the comments are offensive, because House of Payne is really a good show and it deserves credit for it’s honesty, reality, and family support. Girlfriends was one of my favorite, and still is even though it have been off the air for nearly two years Tracee Ellis Ross deserved to win, because they did not get the proper recognition from the network with a season finale, or series finale, and it seems as if the The Game will be disappearing soon, so what will we have next. As far as Diddy for A Raisin in the Sun his performance was great, and just like will Smith, Queen Latifah or L. L. Cool J they all started as rappers then move on to acting, so why can’t we give our black people some credit for trying something new, and not being put into one category. If we continue to allow them to be in one category then how twould we support the upcoming generation to believe that if you challenge yourself to be better, and practice at what you believe tou will succeed.

    Thank You and God Bless

  8. i havent’t watched an awards show black or white foryears. they do not mean a thing. When that pig movie Babe won out over Spike Lee’s masterpiece Malcolm X as best movie that was a sick shame. I was totally surprised whenHalley, Denzel and other African Americans won.

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