Mayor Demands Apology from President?


President Obama must be tickled at the thought of apologizing for his comments to the Mayor of Las Vegas.  It definitely seems outlandish and unusual to us.  The former President spoke with his foot in his mouth so often, he should’ve required a wheelchair to get around.  And not only did he mess up when speaking on his own turf, but he had been caught on occasions too numerous to mention on foreign soil making an ass of himself.

The President was merely stating a fact that needed to be said when handling the CEO’s that have come under fire for their huge paychecks and big trips, supposedly in the name of business.  How much business and what type of business do most get done in Las Vegas?  Oh, you can’t tell right?  What’s done in Vegas stays in Vegas.  When the President said, “You can’t get corporate jets, you can’t go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer’s dime,” he was absolutely right.

The audacity of this man to demand an apology from the President is disrespectful.  Even though, for print, it’s being reported that he’s not being so direct and he’s rephrased himself.  If you’ve ever seen a mayor or anyone other than disgruntled Americans in protest demand Bush or any former Presidents retract their statements and restate their position on something, please school us.  In the meantime, this looks a little…can we say it…nah! Don’t want to pull the race card, but you get the gist.  See for yourself:


Las Vegas Mayor Demanding Apology from President Obama

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