Say It Isn’t So…Marion Barry In Trouble Again


 The former Mayor of D.C. who will forever go down in history as the infamous crack smoking mayor that was stung by F.B.I. during his third term as mayor in 1991, is back in a legal tangle again.  But, his troubles, now at the age of 72, are a lot less demeaning and embarrassing.

Now a D.C. council member, Barry has been in trouble with his taxes for nearly 10 years starting with not filing his taxes from 1999 to 2004 and not paying taxes on “more than $500,000 in income” according to the Washington Post.  He was put on probation for 3 years in March 2006, but then didn’t file his taxes in 2005 and attorneys asked for jail time.  Fast forward to the probation expiration date, 2009, and here he is on the hot seat with not filing taxes again.  It surfaced somehow that he didn’t file his 2007 taxes.

In old school Black mayor fashion, he told the Washington Post, “As with any American citizen, my tax status is a matter between the IRS and the taxpayer and not The Washington Post.”  That’s why D.C. still loves him.  He’s still telling it like it is, but in Obama fashion, he needs to ask someone in the crowd to be his personal assistant.  Read all the details he let the Post have here.

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