Dishin’ Dirt on Kelly Rowland, The Atlanta Housewives, Michelle Obama, The Game and more…

 What’s up y’all?  Here is the dirt…

Destiny's Child

Tank and LaLa gave Kelly Rowland a surprise birthday party Tuesday night at Opera in Hollywood.  In attendance were Beyonce and Michelle.  My guess is that the “beef” between Mathew and Kelly had no bearing on Kelly and Beyonce’s relationship.  Check out a video from the party here.

Tamala Jones

Columbus Short

Hosea Sanchez

Forest Whitaker

In attendance were some of Hollywood’s black A-Listers.  Tamala Jones, Columbus Short, Hosea Sanchez, Forest Whitaker, and D. Woods just to name a few.

D. Woods

Side Bar-Okay y’all, I know D. Woods ain’t an “A-Lister”…she is more like a “C or D-Lister” but because she was there, I gave her a pass.  But you know like I know that don’t nobody know D. Woods unless they watched MTV’s Making the Band.  Nuff said…

Michelle Obama

I am proud to say that my FIRST LADY is rocking the cover of next month’s Vogue Magazine looking beautiful as usual.  She is the second first lady to ever grace the cover (Hilary Clinton was the first).  You can check out the full article here.

Michelle Obama

Side Bar-I am LOVIN’ that pink dress she is wearing on the cover.  Then again, I am a tad bit biased towards all things pink…and green.

Chris and Rihanna

Rumor has it that the fight between Chris Brown and Rihanna all started over a text message.  According to TMZ, some chick sent Chris a text message telling him that she would hook up with him later and Rihanna was not havin’ it.  They also state that Chris hit her so hard (with his fist) that both of her eyes were swollen shut.  The latest word is that Rihanna is not cooperating with the authorities.  One minute she wants to cooperate and the next she doesn’t.  Whatever happened between the two, it is more than obvious that Chris whipped her butt.

Chris and Rihanna

Side Bar-School is in session.  Ladies, please know that if a dude is grabbing you, shoving you, muffing your head and things of the such, the next thing on his to do list is to slap yo’ azz to sleep.  Class dismissed!

NeNe and Lisa

Speaking of domestic violence, the women of the Real Housewives of Atlanta are speaking out about their bouts with being abused by the men they loved.  NeNe and Lisa speak candidly about past relationships with Essence.  Although Lisa never tells who her abuser was, I can’t help but to wonder if it was Keith Sweat.  Check out the article here.

Tyler Perry and Halle Berry

Don’t forget to watch the NAACP Image Awards hosted by Halle Berry and Tyler Perry, tonight.  Check your local listings for show times.

The Game Cast

Everybody Hates Chris Cast

Speaking of the “Advancement of Colored People”, has anyone else noticed that the CW is not airing new episodes of “The Game?”  They only have two “black” shows on the network (The Game and Everybody Hates Chris…three if you count America’s Next Top Model) and they do not advertise for either show during the week.  Mind you, I get bombarded by images of teenaged, privileged white girls in commercials advertising 90210 and Gossip Girl.  Therefore, I have decided to do something about it.  If you all feel as strongly as I do about seeing positive images of people of color on primetime television please send a letter to the CW expressing your concerns.  Click here to send an email.

Roberto Alomar

Y’all this chick from Queens done filed a $15 million lawsuit against former MLB’s Roberto Alomar for insisting that they had unprotected sex.  Ilya Dall lived with Alomar for three years and KNEW about his HIV status but because he insisted on having unprotected sex with her…even AFTER he had full blown AIDS, she is blaming him for exposing her to the disease.  Mind you, Alomar retired from baseball in 2005 due to “health issues.”  In early 2006, he was diagnosed with HIV and in 2007 had full blown AIDS.  She is demanding $15 million for punitive damages for emotional stress and exposing her children to the virus.  She now claims to have an AIDS phobia.  The couple broke up in 2008.

Roberto Alomar

Side Bar-Where was this AIDS phobia when she was laying up with him UNPROTECTED??  I hope she doesn’t get a rusty penny.  People please know that no matter what anybody tells you, IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS!!  Dayum dummy!!

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



6 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Kelly Rowland, The Atlanta Housewives, Michelle Obama, The Game and more…”

  1. Thank you so much for the info of cw I sent them a email I don’t kno if it will change but I hope I love the show the game and don’t understand if it was the network number 1 comedy y wud they not promote it well it was number 1 b4 it moved to friday now I’m sure its not number 1 who’s home on a friday

  2. I love the show “The Game”. It is the only show on prime time that does not have “us” acting crazy. They discuss real issues that are going on in today’s world. I hope that they continue with the run of the show!! I am a HUGE fan.

  3. I wish alot more of us could get AIDS phobia, for real real!! and yes before we lay down!

    Can I just say..I LOVE MICHELLE OBAMA!!

  4. Glad Kelly and Beyonce were able to remain friends, they have been friends too long to break up over career choices. True friends want the best for each other. It shows the true meaning of business not personal.

  5. when will we wake up and realize that no one is trying to “save us”? I’m a black actress and I can positively tell you that animals work more in tv and film than black women do. White people would rather see a dog, a snake, a pig or even a monkey, before the see a story about a black woman. But, It is not the CW’s fault. Yes its great that Tyler now has his own studio and Oprah has the network, but this is business. Maybe we’ll have to do like Barak and start some type of grassroots organizing that creates a viable outlet for our work. One that people will watch and support….dunno. I’ve always found it ridiculous that BET and TV ONe run more syndicated black shows than they do original programming. We sit up and wait for CW or WB to produce the shows, show them for a period of time, then can’em, shelv’em and wait for BET to come along for the 3 for 1 special. We can’t complain about a lack of fresh produce if we’re not willing to grow it ourselves. We need to own the grocery and the farm.

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