Obama Addresses the Nation


 President Obama stood before the podium and nation with optimism about his stimulus package and ready to share that with all of his naysayers.  He made it clear in no uncertain terms that we have to act and act now before we “turn a crisis into a catastrophe.”

The first reporter asked him “do you think that you risk losing some credibility or even talking down the economy by using dire language like that?” Now understandably, as the press, she’s trying to get his goat with that one, but why should his credibility be challenged when he is coming to the nation with honesty about the situation that, essentially, Bush has us in?  Maybe, we’re so used to being deceived, she never listened to the words coming out of his mouth.

The President definitely held his own and was in typical Obama fashion cool, calm, and prepared.  I don’t know about you, but when he said, “We are going through the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression” I believed every word.  And when he backed that up with the fact that “we’ve lost now 3.6 million jobs, but what’s perhaps even more disturbing is that almost half of that job loss has taken place over the last three months” it became crystal clear that we better reach out to someone before it’s too late.

If you’d like to volunteer somewhere near you, Volunteers of America can help you get started.  But, if you’re one of the many that have lost work and need help for whatever reason, they can help with that too.  A nationwide directory of shelters and soup kitchens can be found here.

You can read a summary of last night’s address here.

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