Homeless Woman Asks For Housing and Obama and Friends Deliver


Obama was in a town hall meeting yesterday where a woman came to the podium to speak and he said she had been waiting so patiently, he wanted to hear her next.  But, he wasn’t expecting her to say that she was homeless and needed a place to go.  Well, he and his political pals helped the woman out and she will be in a bed very soon.

Senator Nick Thompson and his wife offered the woman a home in Fort Denaud “rent-free for as long as Hughes needs it” reported MSNBC.  It’s reportedly a 3-bedroom 2-bath house on three acres of land that’s been vacant for more than a year.  Gobama! Go Thompsons!  Change is definitely in the wind.  God bless her!

Obama at Florida town hall meeting

7 thoughts on “Homeless Woman Asks For Housing and Obama and Friends Deliver”

  1. WOW! President Obama is leading by example and showing that if we ALL come together to assist each other in this time, we can lighten the load that the President has to carry by following his example!

    President Obama will be the greatest Prez in history and llke always, our people lead in taking a “mess” and making it into something great! You’re in my prayers Mr. President!

  2. When is he coming to Pittsburgh. I am homeless too. Can he help me with a house for me and my three children?

  3. Wow! This is very commendable. But I have to say…why is it people who can afford to help others don’t think about doing things like this on their own? I wonder if he would have offered this woman a home rent free if the President hadn’t said he’d get his staff to help? If other property owners would step up like the Thompsons have done, many homeless families would have a temporary place to stay and the owners would have a great tax write off.
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  4. To TXMom
    Yes that would be nice (BO offering homes for ALL) but just isn’t realistic. I think it was nice he extended the assistance during that meeting and is working thru his position office to help ALL Others !!

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