Happy Hour With the Obamas


It must be exciting to be young, good looking, wealthy, African Americans that run the most powerful nation in the world….while maintaining your social schedule.  Michelle and Barack are still in their 40s and enjoy going out to dinner and schmoozing with friends till the wee hours of the night…

as long as it means improving the lives of those they are responsible for, that is.The Obamas have stepped into Washington letting the stuffy old boys know that they did not get to this lofty position by letting dust settle on them.  No way!  They are having Superbowl parties, Wednesday night happy hours at the white house, and regular sit-ins or brainstorming sessions with congress, so that they know what’s going on every step of the way.  The Obamas are a powerhouse that is turning D.C. on its head and shaking up things without rustling any feathers.

While everyone in the D.C. community knows that there’s a motive behind every shake of the hand on the Hill, they don’t mind it from the Obamas because they are genuine and open.  Even during the Superbowl party a guest asked where the restroom was and President Obama said, “How would I know? I’ve only been here for 10 days.” They make no mystery of the fact that they are real people and ready to work with all of us.  They don’t want to sit up in their ivory tower and rest on their laurels.

Read here to see how D.C. is fitting in with the Obamas.

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