Forbes’ List of Most Miserable Cities Is Here


When thinking of Forbes’ list of Most Miserable Cities, the first thing that came to mind was people walking around underneath an unrelenting gray sky with no hope in sight.  And, I guess I was just about accurate.  The Forbes’ list consists of those cities with at least 378,000 residents and their “commute times, corruption, pro sports teams, Superfund sites, taxes (both income and sales), unemployment, violent crime and weather.”

Corruption was added to the list to expose crooked government officials which landed Chicago near the top of the list.  Forbes reports, in Illinois northern district alone (which includes Chicago) they “convicted 385 public officials of crimes over the past decade.”  Not only that “five of the past nine governors have been charged with crimes,” and three of them have served time in prison. That’s an awful lot of corruption to be the home state of our President.

And poor Detroit made it off the top of the list this year by the skin of their teeth even considering they had a corrupt mayor who subsequently went to jail, the sinking Big 3, violent crimes are through the roof and U of M and the Lions both had losing seasons.

Read here to see if the mood you’re in has anything to do with your city.

One thought on “Forbes’ List of Most Miserable Cities Is Here”

  1. I beg Forbe’s pardon, and just who did they ask. Most people here like Chicago, a few months ago Forbes said Chicago was one of the most depressed cities. They don’t like Chicago. BTW when they asked people to comment it was usually the upwardly mobile white folks that were whining about the cost and corruption. Unfortunately blacks have been so used to all kinds of corruption we are more surprised when there isn’t corruption.

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