Dishin’ Dirt on Rick Ross, Deloris Jordan, Chris Brown, Rihanna, T.I. and more…

 What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Rick Ross

What is up with folks tryin’ to be something they are not?  We all know that Rick Ross stole his name (and probably his identity) from the notorious L.A. drug trafficker “Freeway” Ricky Ross.  He has even admitted being a corrections officer in some of his rap songs.  So why is it that when Mr. Ricky was arrested on marijuana possession and gun charges, he was also noted to be associated with one of Miami’s most notorious drug cartels??  Check the full article from TSG here.


Side Bar-Rick if you are out there, please know that stealing a REAL gangsta’s identity and rappin’ like his life was yours is sooooo 1993 and it is a sure fire way to ruin your career.  Just ask AZ.  He thought it was the cool thing to do until the REAL AZ got out of jail.  Nuff said…


According to Radio Facts, Deloris E. Jordan (the sister of Michael Jordan), claims that she was raped by her father for many years while her mother did nothing.  After reading the excerpt from the book, I must say that it does seem like it would be a page turner.  Check out the excerpt here.

Side Bar-I ain’t sayin’ that she is lying but I wonder what her motives were for this book.  Hell, I wonder what Mike has to say about it.


Okay y’all, I just want to say this.  Can we please not jump on the “ruin” Chris Brown bandwagon until we have all of the facts about the situation?  How about a radio station in Cleveland, OH has removed all of Chris Brown songs off the radio!  Chris has had to cancel his appearance at the NBA All Star Game as well.  According to my sources, T.I. has reached out to Chris and offered words of encouragement.  Check out the interview he did with Carson Daley, here.

Although, it is darn near evident that Chris whipped up on lil’ RiRi, we don’t know all of the circumstances leading up to that alleged “beat down”, so we need to just fall back and chill.  In the mean time, I will still be dishin’ errrry bit of dirt on the situation as it comes out…

Side Bar-Can I tell y’all that I just LOVE T.I.!!


Speaking of Rihanna, her grandmother has spoken with a Barbados newspaper telling them that Rihanna is doing well and that she does not have a broken nose…as some of the OTHER blogs have been reporting.  In lieu of errrything that has gone on, she has cancelled her planned 21st birthday bash.

Side Bar-Rihanna, if you are out there, please know that we are praying for a speedy recovery so that you can go’on and write a book and tell us what REALLY happened between you and Chris.  Nuff said…


This ain’t got nothin’ to do with nothin’ but word has it that Kanye was PISSED about what happened to Rihanna.  He claims that Rihanna is like his lil’ sister and that he would do anything for her in an interview with E! News’ Ryan Seacrest.

Side Bar-So now Chris gotta worry about Kanye doing the windmill on his azz and what not.  Poor baby…


Fantasia has decided that she is going to revive her role as Miss Celie for a touring production of The Color Purple that will start prior to the summer.  I’m guessing that being broke is no longer an option.  Go’on “Tasia”, do your thang.

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back…



10 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Rick Ross, Deloris Jordan, Chris Brown, Rihanna, T.I. and more…”

  1. You mentioned Chris having to look over his shoulder for Kanye……dont forget JayZ too. Lol, I was like what is J mad for??

  2. Rick Ross = joke. Next.

    Why is Deloris Jordan coming out with this now? Has Mike cut her off financially or something??

    I love T.I. too but I think his comment “This too shall pass” was a bit out-of-place considering the situation. He would have been better off just telling Chris to keep the faith and try to hold his head up. Saying that this too shall pass demeans the entire situation and makes it seem more like he just got scolded for getting into a playground fight and was sent to the principal’s office. Puleeze. If he did beat Ri, for whatever reason, it will not just “pass” but should be handled accordingly.

    Go ‘Tasia. Got to see her perform in NY and I just love her in that role. I also got to see Michelle Williams play the part here in Chicago. She was ok, but ‘Tasia was better!

  3. that guy is a fucking joke. fuck thre rap industry, worthless peices of shit uhmmm yea chris was dumb for hittting rihanna and that makes him a bad person but his hottness didnt change so yea i still like him lol

  4. I have read over many of your current posts and I was curious if you wanted to swap blog links? I am usually wanting to switch links with blogs on comparable themes! I look forward to hearing back from you before long.

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