Dishin’ Dirt on Lil’ Kim, Chris Brown, Rihanna, A-Rod and more…

 What’s up y’all?! Here is the dirt…

Lil Kim

Lil’ Kim will be on this season of “Dancing with the Stars.”  If for no other reason at all, I will be tuning in to see Kim do her thing.  Comedian David Alan Grier and former NFLer Lawrence Taylor will also be joining the cast.  The show premieres March 9 on ABC.  You can view a complete cast list here.

Lil Kim

Side Bar-Maaaaaaan Kim needs to FIRE whoever allowed ABC to post the above picture of her on their website.  At first glance, I thought she was Michael Jackson.

Rihanna and Chris

According to MTV, it has been confirmed that Rihanna was the alleged victim in the Chris Brown case (as if we didn’t know) and I hear that Jay Z is PISSED.  Chris is due in court on March 5 for arraignment on one felony count.  You can check out the rest of the article here.

Chris Brown

Side Bar-Is it just me or does anyone else believe that Chris Brown’s career is FINISHED?!

Tameka Foster

Okay y’all, can we NOT spread internet rumors about folks being dead before we actually see the death certificate??  Y’all I was surfing the net and what not and saw an article saying that Tameka Raymond had died in Brazil from plastic surgery.  And that would be FALSE!!  Tameka is alive and well…alive anyway.  However, rumor has it that she suffered complications from a cosmetic procedure she was having done.  I guessed that she was having her tummy tightened but according to my sources, she was getting breast implants.


A-Rod confessed to using steroids!!  What is up with these dumb azz sports figures?!  At first, I just thought it was an NFL requirement to be a dummy, (especially with all of the crap they have been going through lately) but I was wrong.  It appears that ALL sports have their share of “intellectually” challenged athletes.  According to an interview with ESPN’s Peter Gammons, Alex admitted to taking a BANNED controlled substance in 2001 for which he is “very sorry and deeply regretful.”


Side Bar-Is it just me or does it seem like he is sorry that he came up hot on the piss test?!

Faison Love

Okay y’all, what is up with Big Worm…AKA…Faison Love cuttin’ a fool and what not in front of a club that he could not get into?!  According to TMZ, he was pissed that some chic wouldn’t give him the time of day and socked a RANDOM dude who was standing next to them.  I keep tellin’ y’all that crazy people know who to run up on!  I’ll bet he wouldn’t have pulled that bull shiznit on Ice Cube!  Read the complete story here.

India Arie

This ain’t got nothing to do with nothing but y’all go cop that new India Arie CD today!

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back at your girl!



13 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on Lil’ Kim, Chris Brown, Rihanna, A-Rod and more…”

  1. Im sorry but Lil Kim was fine before all the surgery. Clearly she had some self loving issues. We sisters just need to love ourselves more and quit trying to look like the next woman. Tameka Raymond incl.

  2. Chris Brown, more than likely it’s a rap, can’t market or spin away a woman beater. Li’l Kim depresses me, she was so cute back in the day, it’s a shame she couldn’t see herself in the mirror the way she really looked—rumor has it that she went through this self esteem issue due to Biggie—I say it wsa there all the time, perhaps his rejection aside from her being a jump off was the last straw. BTW don’t scare me with any more Kim pictures, not til Halloween at least.

  3. Not quite sure what to say about Kim. She was so cute but looks a complete mess now. I read some time ago that she was severely beaten which made it necessary to have reconstructive surgery but lil’ miss just went overboard. As for Chris Brown, it’s done and over with. I sure hope he made a lot of $$ while his career was hot because he’s going to need it to pay off this high azz lawyer bill he’s about to rack up! I don’t know what happened but aside from Ri going upside his head with a 2×4 (or something along those lines) and he trying to defend himself, there is absolutely NO reason why a he should have abused her. None. And his lil’ nasty azz bit her too?? My 3 daughters, who are HUGE CB fans, are just sickened by this. Needless to say, I may, in God’s graciousness, get a break from listening to his “singing”, if that’s what you wanna call it.

  4. chris brown’s career is just as over as r. kelly’s! which means it ain’t over…it’ might slow down some, but it ain’t over.

    am i the only one who doesn’t know who tameka raymond is?

  5. Sorry but not a fan of India Arie’s sound. She had only one good song “I am not my hair”. Even if Rhianna made Chris made no real MAN ever, ever hits a woman. IF she’s mouthing off walk away. Why do men stay with women they feel provoke them to anger? Why do women stay with men that abuse them?

  6. Everyone’s saying I would’ve never thought, I didn’t think, who’d of thunk. That’s just it people you are not thinking. The media gets paid to speculate. You don’t so before you go and throw this young man/punk’s career away there are always too sides to a story. No I don’t agree with what he did. But only a sister can get under a man’s skin that bad and play with that artery that pump’s that keep trying me blood. As for Lil something she needs counseling or maybe she should get with Mike Jackson half sister girl is starting to definetly look like him. A message to you Chris you are not a private citizen any more. I don’t care how you look at it. You choose a life style that requires much attention. You have accomplished so much! Being in the spotlight and having people of all ages look up to you is part of the job. But when you turned PUNK by putting your hand on a female, I guess your light went from shinning bright to a glimmer. Oh I asked my 10 year old how she felt about her precious Idol and she won’t speak to me about it. Guess that’s life huh……..but there’s still hope!

  7. I agree with cm burton.Lil Kim did used to be cute before all that surgery.Janet looked better before her nose job also.

  8. thanks because these explanation. I am impressed that you have an understanding from all that, nice post for Some good content that you share on here.

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