Chris Brown vs. Rihanna: Round 1


What is going on with Chris Brown?  Does anyone out there really have the scoop?  The first thing we heard was that Chris Brown was on the run.  Then we heard reports that he may have broken Rihanna’s nose or jaw.  Then we heard that she may have given him an STD that started the melee.  Now Doublemint is suspending his campaign even though they reportedly believe he “should be afforded the same due process as any citizen.”  But just to make sure, they’re going to distance themselves until everything is cleared up.  Then Billboard’s editorial director is trying his hand at prophecy saying that “if it’s true, his career is probably over.”

But what do the people say?  What is the grounds for hitting a woman?  Is there a NEVER EVER rule or there’s certain scenarios that constitute a beatdown?  Does it matter to you what Chris Brown’s side of the story is?  What if she really did give him an STD, would you side with him then? 

Is it hard for you to believe that he would do something like this?  The one problem that rears its head is when in situations like this is that some of those who believe they know him (because they’ve seen him on tv and know his whole life story) will be faithful to the image of the superstar and not who he truly is.  Doesn’t the media make you feel like you know these celebrities?  There’s things I don’t know about people in my immediate family, yet we’ve known each other our whole lives.  How is it that we can stand by people like R. Kelly, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, O.J. Simpson, and now Chris Brown and earnestly sing their praises of what they will and will not do?

The image machine is a magical device born in all media outlets (television, print, and/or online) that rally us together to create the most popular people in the world.  The machine makes us into fans and we then take our positions as the protectors of the flame.  Chris Brown is an average 19-year old boy who is full of energy and passion for life and will probably make a mistake from time to time, including fighting with his girlfriend.  But, if we think that we know who he is and what he will do because we saw him on Sesame Street, obviously, we need to think again.

 -J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Chris Brown vs. Rihanna: Round 1”

  1. there is a difference between an argument and a beat down
    a real man would have walked away
    we all have mothers sisters daughters neices
    and no one would wan’t them beaten for any reason
    it dosn’t matter if he’s full of energy or passion
    wrong is wrong
    if he beat her that badly he needs to be in jail
    if he were just some random person
    no one would have a problem with him being locked up

  2. I feel bad for Rihanna because she’s a cute superstar and also for Chris because he’s a promising young man. Unfortunately, the verdict is not going to be good for Chris, finacially or physically. Rihanna is also going to take a “beating” no pun inteded on this one also. This is just another classic example that domestic violence isn’t star struck and this is an issue that each of them needs to address accepting the roles they played in it. I don’t want to assume or take sides but honestly with the courts and laws the way they are these days the public will side with Rihanna because she’s a woman now let’s say she gave him AIDS, now would that justify his actions?

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