California Ordered to Get Rid of Prisoners


 As Marvin said, What’s going on?  He had a valid question for then and now.  It appears that President Obama’s speech about our economic situation being on the road to “catastrophe” was him trying to let us down easy.  The real deal is that we’re sitting on the precipice of anarchy if California has to open its prison doors and release prisoners to get their population under control and save the state money.

It is being reported that the California prison system is in such bad condition due to overcrowding that a court ordered that 55,000 inmates must be released within three years just so the prisoners are being cared for within their constitutional rights.  The state’s prison system apparently has more than 150,000 inmates.

The plan is to release those who are not considered violent felons into county programs and utilize good behavior to let them out sooner.  They are also reporting that if they do not decrease the population the “inmates might regularly die of suicide or lack of proper care.”  Basically, they are living packed on top of one another in Guantanamo Bay conditions.  The state’s prison system is so packed that some facilities have their gymnasiums and classrooms full with three-tier bunk beds, and trying to go to the health clinic rehabilitation programs, recreational facilities and health care facilities are out of the question due to the long lines that snake more than 50 inmates at a time.

Read here to see if your cousin Craig is getting out on good behavior anytime soon.

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