Black South Carolinian Senator Fights for Confederate Holiday

Sen. Robert Ford (D)

Remember this name, Sen. Robert Ford (D).  He is a black state senator for South Carolina that is trying to get a bill passed that requires South Carolina to give workers a paid day off for Confederate Memorial Day.  The senator contends that it will bring the race problems to a standstill and we will live like one big happy family if we pay homage to the dead confederate soldiers.

You may have already guessed that the bill has already won approval from a Senate subcommittee. Mississippi and Alabama already recognize Confederate Memorial Day.  Of course a representative of the NAACP has chimed in as the voice of reason saying, “You can’t make dishonor honorable. It’s impossible.”

Senator Ford is completely out of touch or he’s trying to express his Christianity.  He claims that the state of South Carolina will use this as a way to come together like the legislators that come to the state house everyday.  The white and black lawmakers live in harmony, but if you leave the state building “it’s hatred.” 

While they are sizing him up for a straight jacket, you can read the details of his legislation here.

12 thoughts on “Black South Carolinian Senator Fights for Confederate Holiday”

  1. Sad. He is extremely misguided in thinking that “honoring” Confederate soldiers will cause the white folks to love and accept him….and I knowthat thenlapel flag that he has on is not a Flag of Black Liberation and Solidarity? Then, again, maybe his logic is ‘if Black folks support THEIR holidays and Black folks honor thirs…they will do the same for us’…after 400 years he still hasnt learned the nature of the SOuthern white…especially in S C….

  2. Here it is 2009 and we still have folks begging to be friends, buddies, pals with folks who would rather see you dead. I thought holidays were to commemorate events that brought about the betterment of mankind. How did a bunch of “confederate” folks fight for the betterment of mankind other than slaveholders? Lord help us.

  3. I guess the Germans should make Nazis heroes to their country right? I’m not at all surprised by this. Nothing in politics surprises me anymore. I’m sure the Confederate flag holiday will make the entire country have a bar b q and go out and waive the flag. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics and Asians will celbrate like the 4th of July…oh what a day it will be..united at last.
    What a joke!


  5. Who the [email protected] elected Uncle Ruckus?

  6. Confederate Holiday?
    Sorry Mr. Ford, we may have been “physically” oppressed, but what you’re suggesting is simply impossible. Pay homage to dead Confederate soldiers? Not even if my life depended on it. What is up with people from the South? “Mr. Charlie” got yall twisted for real. And for those that think I’m lying, take a trip down there and monitor how Blacks act…………’s sad. Born and raised in the South, but I had that YT education, constantly being reminded “you’re not from around here”, thing is, I was. Just never accepted the way others portrayed or catered to Mr. Charlie and Co.

  7. you filed this in the right place, jb. “are you serious” was the first thing i thought when i read the headline.

  8. It is noble to want a unified America, nevertheless right is right and wrong will always be wrong. It is neither honorable nor Christianly to celebrate the evil of slavery that was perpetrated against people of color. Slavery in America was a sin in the sight of God because it was in conflict against the basic tenet of His commandment to love thy neighbor as thyself. In this light, Sen. Ford cannot negate the fact that the dead confederate soldiers do not deserve favorable recognition of their fight to do evil to black people and to keep them in the heinous condition of bondage. Today, you would have to be blind not to see that judgment is underway in America, for it shall reap what it has sown. Only repentance, not a holiday, may help to unify this country, if it’s not already too late.

  9. Maybe, there is something foul in the air and water in South Carolina! My best pal Sam Cureton of Lancaster, SC must be spinning in his grave! Sam, first there was Alvin Greene and now this fool. They must be high on Shell Juniors blue top!!!

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