Obama Is Caught Cussin’ Like A Sailor


Obama’s bad boy side is kept tight behind closed doors.  There’s never been a time throughout Obama’s campaign that we heard Obama so much as make reference to “damn” or “hell.”  This clearly exhibits that he has command of the English language. But not only that, he firmly believes in a place and a time for all things.

A gossip blog caught the President sort of slipping on his audio tape for his book.  He is introducing a character in the story named Ray that he went to high school with.  The guy he’s “portraying” puts you in the mind of the character Mouse from the movie Devil In A Blue Dress.  Check out the 4 excerpts from the book.  We had no idea he even knew these words.

11 thoughts on “Obama Is Caught Cussin’ Like A Sailor”

  1. I really like this picture- it reminds me of Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr. back in the “rat pack” days. As for the cussing, well, big f**kin’ deal!!!

  2. This is a fake doctored picture, you see the cigarett pasted over the lips. Why are you guys disrepecting our President by printing this nonsense?

  3. So what if he’s Cussin ,Sometimes that’s what it take’s to get your point across. Leave the President alone and let him do his job.

  4. Who gives a rat’s a.. Nobody is publishing how Bush got us into the crap. Don’t you people have anything else to do. You just can’t stand it that a Black man is in the White House. Get over it……

  5. OMG dont we have anything better to be worrying about than if this human being, who is also our President, smokes or curses? Whether the picture is doctored or not he admits that he smokes and cursing!?? Like the other comments said so the f@#k what. He is intelligent enough to not have used any of his swear words at an inappropriate time. LET’S FOCUS PEOPLE

  6. Even if he is cussing – so what? Are my taxes gonna go down? Is unemployment going to go down? What about gas prices…will they continue to fall?

    As for cuss word here or there…..so the f*%@ what?

    BTW: didn’t Bush (baby boy) actually flip a camerman off when he didn’t think the camera was on? Presidents are human….


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