Dishin’ Dirt on the Grammys, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Ex-NFLer Jamal Anderson…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the DIRT…

Chris Brown and Rihanna

Well the 51stAnnual Grammy Awards kicked off Sunday without the presence of Rihanna or Chris Brown.  According to a Grammy representative in an e-mail received earlier today, I was told that Rihanna would not be “joining them this evening.”  Of course that peaked my curiosity seeing that the Grammy Awards is the biggest event of the year for musicians.  So after digging further, I found out that Chris Brown and an UNIDENTIFIED young lady got into an “altercation” which resulted in the arrest of Chris Brown.  Chris was booked and released on $50,000 bail.  My Fox LA is reporting that the cops won’t confirm or deny that Rihanna was the alleged victim of the assault.  Shortly after the arrest another story came out that Rihanna was in a “car accident” which resulted in a bruise on her face.  The alleged incident took place shortly after midnight on Sunday morning.  Chris Brown and Rihanna were both seen leaving the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party that evening (shortly before midnight).  Now I ain’t a rocket scientist but all fingers balled up into a MIGHTY fist, point to Chris Brown droppin’ them bows on Rihanna.  Now I ain’t sayin’ that he whipped her up … aww hell, yes I am.  We ain’t stupid.  Y’all do the math.  Nuff said… 

Chris Brown

Side Bar-Chris if you’re out there, next time just walk…better yet, RUN away. It ain’t worth it.  Jail ain’t the place for YOUNG, pretty, R&B singers.  Nuff said…


My girl Jennifer Hudson won the first Grammy of the night taking home the statute of Best R&B Performance.  Not only did the lil’ sista JAM when she got a hold of the mic, the lil’ sista looked FAB!

Jennifer Hudson and Clive Davis

Whitney Houston

Speaking of J-Hud, her surprise duet at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party Saturday night was Barry … Manilow!!   I was wrong and although Whitney Houston performed last night (looking and sounding fabulous might I add), she did not do a duet with J-Hud.

Ti and Jay Z

One of my favorite performances of the night was the performance of “Swagger Like Us”, with MIA, Jay Z, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne and T.I.  The performance was HOT!!  Not only that, the guys clean up well.  They all wore suits and they weren’t going to court!!  Now generally, I usually don’t dis’ pregnant women but I just have to say something about MIA.  What the HELL was she thinking!!

TI and Weezy

Side Bar-It has been proven.  Lil’ Wayne can wear a suit and STILL not forget the words to his whack lyrics.  Nuff said…

T.I. and Justin

My FAVORITE performance of the night had to be the performance by T.I. and Justin Timberlake.  They performed T.I.’s hit, “Dead and Gone,”  and Justin SANG the HECK out of that song.  It was awesome.  That actually happens to be one of my favorite songs on T.I.’s CD.


My downer of the evening was when my girl J-Hud LOST in the category of Best New Artist.  Now I could be bitter, but I ain’t.

For a complete listing of the Grammy winners and losers click here.

Jamal Anderson

Speaking of drama, WHY did an ex-Atlanta Falcon get busted by an undercover cop in that bathroom of a local Atlanta night club snorting coke??!!  According my My Fox Atlanta, Jamal Anderson was busted getting high by snorting lines of cocaine off the back of the toilet seat in a bathroom stall at a local night club!  Not only that, when searched the cops found a JOINT on him!

Jamal Anderson

Side Bar-Can we say YUK?!  Jamal if you’re out there, please know that you have got to be one of the DUMBEST druggy dudes EVER!  Could you not afford to snort coke off the back of the toilet seat at your own crib?!  I mean really, you’re a “thousand-air” for goodness sake!!  Dayum dummy … for more reasons than one!  Nuff said…

That’s all the dirt for now.  Holla back!


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14 thoughts on “Dishin’ Dirt on the Grammys, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Ex-NFLer Jamal Anderson…”

  1. Now is Chris gonna get a beat down too? Rihanna has some pretty powerful friends—then again I’m just projecting, if it was me I’d be calling Jay-Z’s old boys from the Marcy’s projects and Chris would have to have a little accident…..Justin did jam, I’m glad I’ve gotten over what he did to Janet so that I can litlen to his music again LOL. On the real though since Chris Brown’s family has a history of domestic violence he needs to get some help ( that is if he doesn’t go to jail) and stick with it, it’s wrong and the stakes are high so he will be treated like all Domesitc Violence cases should be treated, hopefully Rihanna will be strong enough to press charges and not be swayed by the arguement it was the first time, it was an isolated incident etc.

  2. yeah.,chris did wrong dawg..he should go learn to help his nerves yo! cos rihanna is a fine ass yo..BUT then nobody is perfect eh,.chris should know that all eyes are on him and rihanna,shit ..yuall are like the new generation of jay z and beyonce,lol……….ok k lets say dude did hit her,that could fuck up his whole music life if he cares about it..dude gata be careful dawg doing that shit in public..let say there was a picture ov him doin that shit…thats him fucked with his girlfans! a fan stay strong mr nothing said…jail aint the place for rnb,young…………………… you

    yo! mR nothin said!
    please back the fuck away from wayne..he dont wear suit SIMPLY coz he dont wana wear suit! git t???
    you with your whack


  3. it sounds like, leading up to the Grammys, there was growing tension between Chris Brown and Rihanna that led to the abuse incident; still no excuse

  4. I don’t know what the talk is concerning Rihanna visiting a sex store. It’s legal, it is a free country and she should be able to do what she wishes to.

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