Abortion Clinic Delivers Baby and Trashes It


The way people are acting makes you wonder why God hasn’t treated this place like Sodom and Gomorrah and destroyed everything in it.  It appears that a lot of people don’t value life anyway, so why not?  The perfect example happened in 2006, but is being reported now.  An 18-year old woman went to an abortion clinic outside Miami for an abortion at nearly six months pregnant.  She decided that she was too young to go through with having a baby, so she gave them $1200 to terminate her pregnancy.

The doctor was late for the abortion and had already ordered that she be prepped with the proper drugs to induce labor and the young woman went into labor.  One of the owner’s of the clinic swoops in with a bio-hazard bag and takes the after birth and baby and slings them in the trash.  What kind of animal hospital is this?  Mind you, the co-owner doesn’t have a medical license.  Who does the swift kick up the ass award go to?  The girl for pursuing an abortion at that late in her pregnancy or the so-called medical professionals that were anything but professional.  Read the gory details here.  Unfortunately, the unbelievably horrific story gets worse.

6 thoughts on “Abortion Clinic Delivers Baby and Trashes It”

  1. Don’t act surprise. Obama supports this type of stuff. 3 times he decided that a baby born alive is not considered a person, and therefore cannot be granted medical care. Do your research people. Google Obama and the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (BAIPA).

  2. JB, could you please remove “Cheryl”‘s comments. I find it highly offensive. Though, I think she might be projecting.

  3. What happened to this baby happens everyday. The only difference is this murder occured 23 weeks gestation and not around 8 weeks. Had she had the abortion at 8 weeks, this story would not be posted. It would be an everyday occurence as it is now. It doesn’t matter when you choose to terminate it, it is still taking a live baby out of a mother’s womb for absolutely no chance for survival. I mean, be real, abortion is MURDER…..legalized murder!

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