Dishin’ Dirt on Taj (Formerly of SWV), Terrence Howard, Charlie Wilson and more…

What’s up y’all?!  Here is the dirt…

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard is on the cover of next month’s Ebony.  In the article he dares to explain why he is often so “misunderstood.”  He also dishes the dirt on the “Iron Man” controversy by saying that he took the advice of his close friend and career advisor, Will Smith and decided to “opt out” of the film.  Terrence quit blaming your movie “oooops” on Will Smith!  I refuse to believe that the same man that played a grouchy super hero (Hancock) and made MILLIONS in the process, is the same dude who told you not to.  Yeah, right…

Etta James

Okay y’all, I just could not let this go.  I am still tripping on Etta James getting “gangsta” on Beyonce!  How about this…”At Last” ain’t even Etta’s song!!  Etta remade the song just like Beyonce did.  The original was performed by Glenn Miller and his orchestra in 1941 and later recorded by Nat King Cole in 1957.  Etta ain’t record the song until 1960!!  The song has since been covered 80 million times (exaggeration) over by SEVERAL different artists to include Stevie Wonder, Celine Dion and Joni Mitchell.  I keep tellin’ y’all that crazy folks know who to pull that foolishness on.  Nuff said…

Charlie Wilson

On a serious note, Charlie Wilson revealed on the Tom Joyner Morning Show that he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Prostate Cancer last July. Thankfully, he found the disease after having a random check up and was able to treat it successfully with radiation.  Y’all let’s keep Uncle Charlie in our prayers.

Kendra G and Uncle Charlie

Side Bar-Be sure to pick up his latest CD “Uncle Charlie” due out February 17.

Derrick Coleman

Y’all this recession done got errrybody losing shiznit!  Have you ever heard of a restaurant getting evicted?  Me neither.  UNTIL NOW!!  Former NBA baller, Derrick Coleman’s Detroit location for “Sweet Georgia Browns” was shut down for non-payment of rent!  According to my sources the restaurant owed more than 70K in back rent and had been passing rubber checks to their employees!  Now I don’t know about y’all but passing me a rubber payroll check is just enough to make me stalk you!  Nuff said…

Derrick Coleman

Side Bar-So I’m guessing now we can look forward to seeing him on some VH1 reality show shucking and jiving ‘cause he is broke.

Taj, Lele and Coco

Speaking of shucking and jiving, WHY is Taj from SWV (and the wife of former NFLer Eddie George) going to be on the upcoming Survivor series??!  Check out the clip and full article here.

Taj George

Side Bar-Okay y’all, she looks a hot azz mess and the season ain’t even started yet.  I can only imagine what she will look like day two on the island.  Y’all know I’m tellin’ the truth!

Vivica Fox

Rumor has it that Vivica Fox did the fool last week at the Black Film Fest in Iowa.  According to, Vivica was rude and did not fulfill her contractual obligations.  Personally, I don’t believe this foolishness because I have met Viv on more than one occasion and she has ALWAYS been REAL cool.  She has NEVER been HOLLYWOOD!  Y’all know that I will be the first to put someone on blast for craziness but I refuse to believe that Viv cut the fool in Iowa!  YBF, get it together!

That’s all the dirt for now.

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