Diddy Lands Job As Federal Prosecutor?

Diddy on CSI:Miami Feb. 9, 2009 

Yes, that Sean “Diddy” Combs is a multi-talented young man.  The music mogul has done everything except magic tricks at Caesar’s Palace.  The newest thing that he will try his hand in is law as a federal prosecutor…on television, of course.

CBS’ CSI: Miami is welcoming the entertainment phenom to their cast on Monday, Feb. 9, to spar with their main character Horatio Caine, played by David Caruso.  In the episode, “Presumed Guilty,” Horatio Caine, faces Derek Powell, played by Diddy, in the courtroom. The problem between the two stem from the CSI crew’s belief that Powell is involved in a murder cover-up.  Not only that, Powell has issues with the CSI staff, both professionally and personally.

If you don’t normally watch the show, “CSI: Miami” is a spin-off of “CSI.”  The series centers on a team of forensic scientists as they uncover the intricate details behind mysterious crimes and unusual deaths in south Florida.  So here’s your big chance to give Diddy’s acting just one more chance if you didn’t care for him in “A Raisin In The Sun”…or Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power…Monster’s Ball…

And to help you make your choice of whether to tune in, here’s a little preview of the episode.  Let us know what you think. 

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